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They're all whores


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Went balls out in Roponngi lastnignt.


You have got to be fucking shitting me, you went to LBFM* central and instead of diving in dick first you clung to some bullshit vanilla ass American slag? You set yourself up for failure from the gate. Go out and get some of that Ping-Pong poon-kang-kang, those bitches are freaky as fuck.



*Little Brown Fucking Machines

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Doing it big for sure, there's a lad who's going places in life.


































































By places, I mean prisons & free clinics.




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Maaaan. This bitch. 'I'll wait for you' 'I'm yours'

No your not.

Dont trust em'. No no no.

Things got good. Real good.

I thought she was different.

Her phones cut off. Little does she know her best friends on my insta gram.

Your a slut.

Not even going to follow up.

I'm just strait done with this whore.

I'll let her wonder.

Time to slay authentic vag. Plow plow plow.


Lost love.

Let me have it oonze



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white people have always had ass.

up til recently our culture thought 'big butt' was a bad thing (does this dress make my butt look big?). i think rap and black culture did a lot for the culture shift. skinny/skin and bones white girls are not the hot tickets items they were in the 80s/90s.


it hurts me to say this, but as an ass-man the blacks really have helped me out in this regard.

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Willie D told me to let a ho be a ho

-Ice Cube




My name is Ice, I'm the nicest guy you're ever gonna meet

Tell me what you want, I'll make your life complete

She said, I always wanted to be a ho

I always wanted to be a ho


-Ice T



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