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Thanksgiving Soup or Thread *2012 - Unstoppable

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So it's that time again & I'm in my element.

I took the week off to burn PTO.











I was gonna do something special for 10k, mainly finally digitizing my old polaroids and making a funkadelic fotothread. But I'm half lazy & half too busy for that. (perhaps around Xmas) I should hit it at some point in this thread.



I got my mom & 2 of my brothers in from Chicago, & my aunt from Napa. Plus my worthless sister from south Scottsdale.


I'm doing all the cooking, the broads in my family, including my wife, can barely microwave a hot dog.


So I'd rather just post pics of my 3-day binge of deliciousness & sloth instead.

You should too.





This year round I'm cooking my cheesy potatoes a day in advance. I want them to congeal overnight then reheat them prior to eating.

I'm making three batches, all the same cheesy recipe poured over:

1. southwestern style hashbrowns

2. cubed hashbrowns w/ onions

3. regular hashbrowns




I bought a 22lb fresh turkey, and a frozen precooked smoked turkey. I'm gonna save the smoked turkey for next weekend since my brothers eat like disposals and I'd like some leftovers.



I have the white castle sliders ready to rock for the white castle stuffing



Both fridges are full, this is the garage fridge, mainly booze.



My aunt knows the owner of this vineyard in Chile, the womenz are drinking it, I'm sticking to beer.




I never get to disc golf anymore, but I did buy a practice basket for my yard a couple weeks ago. I took my brothers to a nearby course and schooled them. Good times were had.



Some Bocce & Baggo in the yard, then lasagna.


I gotta wake up and finish off the cooking.



Flavor injectors.

Fancy booze.


It's better than Christmas!


'merica, fuck yeah!

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Butter it up, then inject it with Chicken stock... Mark McGwire style.

I'll pull it out each hour to re-inject.






Fresh Thyme, Rosemary & Sage... accented with some ground spices.






Bag it & tag it.






White Castle cookbook, but only one recipe is needed.







































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My turkey turned out well. Brined for 12 hours in beer, apple cider vinegar, a fuckton of salts, herbs de provence, stuffed with onions, butter, mandarin. Then let it air chill, after the brine for a few hours. Then I roasted it at 325 for 3.5 hours.


I also made:


Turkey Rillete (From Gizzard)

Crab Mac n Cheese (cheddar, emmetaler, parm reg and a triple cream bri, fresh dungeness crab)

Stock (from the turkey gizzards, also used to baste turkey

Green Bean Casserole

Helped the girl make beans and buffalo for her empanadas. They were fucking amazing.


This is the only photo I got of things:



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