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Anxiety/Panic Attacks


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The allure of the psychedelic culture is what I blame my social anxiety on. I got kicked out when I was younger and moved halfway across the country, up rooted, and never really planted roots since. This made me really reclusive and at one point I was cultivating psilocibins and tripping alone pretty often.


That alone will fuck you psychologically. I've never been the same in social situations, unless I drink. I used to smoke often and it never seemed to affect me. I had to quit not to long ago because I started getting really uncomfortable around people that I wasn't really close to. Like not being able to speak. weird.


I was doing really good, until I took this 'golden' opportunity to experience a different culture. Man, this shit has been tuff. Round eye feelin' a hellova lota indifference over here. And yea tits are a band-aid. but nothing sticks.


The best remedy for anxiety/depression i've come to find is like many of you said, staying productive IDLE TIME IS NO GOOD! exercise, meditation (mindful breathing), generally just healthy living. and eight hours of sleep everynight. Having a kid did wonders for me, but not being able to seem him crushes my spirits.


Also Im about to re-read The Awakening Of Intelligence by Krishnamurti. I urge you all with similar afflictions to do so as well. Right now im feeling like I wanna fucking run until I hit a brick wall. Know what I mean? I cant sit and not do anything and if I do something its self destructive. Writing on shit is always a good release.


Shitz so sad its funny. Thread full'a manic depressive wweeerrdddooeezz

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Haven't read the thread in entirely.


I had some bad, bad anxiety for around 3 years. It kept me stagnant and I knew it which didn't help with mood either.


As said earlier knowing the cause of your anxiety helps, so do some reflection but as important is activity which is going to keep you healthy and give you a strength of mind which will help avoid it in future, and other people if you want to. There's something out there you enjoy focussing on which will in turn help you to relax.


If you learn what makes you comfortable with yourself I think anxiety based around the actions, or thoughts, of others will become less an issue.


So do what you feel is right for you, things you enjoy or which serve a purpose for you. It may mean less money or having to face conflict of interest. Talk about the real you for a minute. And Croc's image is perfect. Patience.

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it's the worst ever. sometimes it feels like nothing works, and that is a terrible feeling. It's amazing the power your mind has over your body and the pressure and stress it puts on it. there are things that can help you relax sometimes, but they are temporary. There are a lot of good books out there if you search them out. Many are just collections of life advice, and tips on how to manage feelings. your brain is a fucking bastard, and you have to learn to separate yourself from it to keep it in check.

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I havent posted on here in a while but there was a thread on here about a year ago that had tons of good infomation in it. Mine come and go, the more i drink, if somebody close to me passes away, working too much...DO NOT GET HOOKED ON XANAX, you will become dependent on that shit and youre anxiety will increase like crazy when you are not on it. Talking to a therapist helps some people because they can help you discover the root of your problems. Also go to barnes and nobles or the library there are tons of good books on this disorder.

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