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sect one

help identify

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ok heres the deal i got these pics from the bench a while back and id like to know who did them


if anyone can identify please help i remember te guy who made it poseted a drawing of a girl he did looked REALISTIC AS HELL! and a bboy character also


also can someone tell me who did this.....


all help is much appreciated its driving me nuts that i dont know

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Originally posted by kaesthebluntedwonder

a toy and a toy



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The purple 3d was a sketch I did early last year, I would post some of my recent work but I dont know what image host to use. Sect maybe you can help me out? I got an idea how bout all those haters put up some of there work! Probably to busy talkin.........

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hopefully this will help you state taken from the thread about image hosting.....

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A great place to print, share and get creative with your pictures.

Ofoto - http://www.ofoto.com

Upload digital photos to create and share on-line photo albums. Film processing and print service also available.

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Both film and digital camera users can share, store and order high quality reprints.

Club Photo - http://www.clubphoto.com/

Free photo publishing on the Web, and free Living Album photo album software.

Epson PhotoCenter - http://photo.epson.com/index.html

Easy way to store, organize, and share your photos. Print high resolution photos from home or order prints online.

Care2 - http://pictures.care2.com

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LifeSketch - http://www.lifesketch.com

Online digital photo storage/archiving and scrapbooking service.

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PHPix - http://phpix.org/

Free PHP/web-based photo album viewer. PHPix generates photo albums with thumbnails automatically.

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PictureStage - http://www.picturestage.com

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TakeAStroll - http://www.takeastroll.com/

Personalized albums to share with family and friends. A place to celebrate holidays, weddings, birth announcements, birthdays or your child's art work.

Digital Photo Displays - http://www.ezpics.com

Photo display and digital catalog service. Application distributed as a service, client maintains the content.

ImageEvent - http://imageevent.com

Create personalized albums to store, share and print images from your life's events. Offers security options with guest password protection.

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Create a photo page to share with family & friends in just a few minutes. Send your photo page in a free post card e-mail. Prints, photo gifts and scanning also available.

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A web-site where anyone can upload, store, post and share their digital images for free.

iPhotos - http://iPhotos.com

Sells your digital photography and images by creating CD-resident screen savers and slide shows. Also adds the description to a searchable database for online CDROM purchase.

4 Any Occasion - http://www.4anyoccasion.com/

Online photo, and streaming video websites for your new baby, birthday, anniversary, wedding, or Bar Mitzvah.

Digital Camera Gallery - http://www.digitalgallery.co.uk

Displaying photographs from around the world taken with digital cameras. Submit your photos. Free.

Photoexpo - http://www.photoexpo.net

Displays your images for a fee. Amateurs as well as professionals welcome.

Wizard Wedding Websites - http://www.wizardweddingwebsites.co.uk/

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Downloadable photo album to present and store your scanned or digital photos in categories.

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Easy-to-use browser based photo sharing application. Use your browser to arrange photos and messages just the way you want (by dragging them around). Easily send Rich HTML email.

Image Hotels - http://www.imagehotels.com/

Public forum to store and share your photos.

Ultimate Photo Album - http://www.ultimatephotoalbum.com/

Free database driven web photo album software for sharing digital photographs.

Webgenic - http://www.webgenic.com

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Wedding Day Shots On-Line -

Offers web-pages for your wedding photos and videos. Also offers "slide show" and "wedding book" production. Fee required.

Photo Database - http://photodb.santeeweb.com

Photo Sharing site containing collections of personal photo exhibits. Sign up and add your own.

Clicks n Pics - http://www.clicksnpics.com

A free interactive internet picture posting site.

iWebPhoto - http://iWebPhoto.com

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Besoin - http://www.besoin.co.uk/

Publish your photographs for free.

Albums-online - http://www.albums-online.co.uk

Commercial (UK) provider charges according to size of photo gallery.

PhotoFun - http://www.photofun.com/online_photo_sharing/

Share your photos online with albums, scrapbooks, screensavers, free web sites, greeting cards.

OurBestMoments - http://www.ourbestmoments.com

Provides an affordable, easy, and simple way to share your life with friends and family.

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Features let you upload, organize and share your photos & smiles with anyone you wish. Also provides you with space to store your photos.

Zapa - http://www.zapa.com/site1/photo_albumz.htm

Free photo albums to send by e-mail or put on your homepage. Full animation and sound in a Zapa gizmo, with no plugin and no expertise necessary.

Digital Photo Albums - http://www.palipics.com

Custom designed web-sites to share your photos on-line. Fee required.

Photogra - http://www.photogra.com/index.cfm/r:7

Create online photo albums and share pictures with anyone. You decide which albums you want to share privately with your friends or family or you can make public albums that anyone can view.

Photo Collection - http://www.photocollection.com/

Offers custom Internet photo albums. Fee required.

Tom's Pictures - http://www.tomspictures.com

A fun site for uploading and maintaining digital images to a database in a scrapbook type layout.

SavedMemories - http://www.savedmemories.com

Create a real online album, not just a collection of pictures.

PhotoAlbumWeb - http://www.photoalbumweb.com/

Create your own on-line photo album.

PhotoJo - http://photojo.com/

Provides an online community and printing service for the Internet.

FreePhoto - http://freephoto-i.net/

Offers a free photo service, enabling you to publish your pictures in an on-line album and share them across the Internet.

PhotoChannel - http://www.photochannel.com

Create photo albums and slide shows to share your memories.

Fotki.com - http://www.fotki.com/

Free unlimited storage. Integrated with CompuPic for easy batch upload. Featuring random member photos, top visited members, and forums.

HP Cartogra - http://www.cartogra.com

Free service for easily creating and sharing web photo albums. Membership (free) required.

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