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Here we go again, 100+ like the time before. Hope you enjoy it to see some pictures from Europe (all benched in Belgium).

I have to say that the amound of graffiti on the freightcars is increasing every day, but still you have alot of empty cars wainting to get some color. I love it to catch everything thats rolling through my spots. Ha, when I stop painting you still can find me benching somewhere, it's more then a hobby, it's a way of living!





Black Box Revelation - Sleep While Moving













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Depends from model to model. If I got time I check some papers that stick on to the cars and I can tell you this:


The green B-cargo tents (Belgium) travel all the way thru europe (Croatia,Italy, Austria,Hungary,Poland,Slovakia,Central Europe, Sweden,...) but not in Spain and Portugal (other size of rails) and not in the east countries like Russia etc. (same reason)The white rail cargo Austria will do the same together with the dark grey Steel tents and the red Db cargo tents because they all got used to transport steel coils.

The gondola cars don't travel that for (Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Poland,...)

The transwaggon box cars will travel all europe to, from scandinavia to the south, I know that cargowaggon box cars travel to the UK thru the eurotunnel, they customize 5000 cars to fit into the tunnel.

The long grey Sncf cargo tents (France) only travel to Belgium and Germany for the transportation of bottled water.

The grain hoppers (tmf/cta, transcéréales) travel to Holland, Belgium, france, Hungary, Germany,... and some hoppers from transcéréales are customized also to travel to the UK

The coal hoppers (like OHH and Db) only do Germany, Poland, Holland and Belgium I think but especially the Ruhr area in Germany


They travel further then you think, not? ;)

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Second from bottom is Stero (Germany), always doing e2e almost wholecars fullcolor, love it to...

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