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"who s the fuck is Ces 53"

he is history of Europe fatass!

he is MOAS ! If you don t know ,I m sure you will know soon !

no sell out in this crew !highest amount of vandalism in Europe for 20 years...

I can t wait to hear what ll happen to you talking shit about THE CREW !!

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It still says... Cope and Seen? I mean if you were trying to rag it, wouldn't you fuck the whole thing up? What's wrong with people.




that's what i'm sayin...all they did was put the same word over the old word..what makes it even more pathetic is dude has other people writing his word for him..AND left the cop characters and the rats on the wall..hahahahaha


i haven't laughed this hard at someone elses expense on the internet for a long time





check your toy goons homie!





also, for extra Cope2 LULZ...see the link below



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from ces53's interview at ilovegraffiti.de : "Lets stay New York for one more question. There was this ironic piece you painted lately, a clear message to Seen and Cope2. What is the story behind it? Of course we have a guess and we also have heard the rumours…


I thought of it as cabaret-graff, doing a funny persiflage of the famous whole car by SEEN based on certain information.


What was the response?


One individual was not really pleased with the painting and had a caps lock meltdown, but everybody else basicly thought is was pretty funny, SEEN asked for a high res photo." ahahahha, laudhed my ass off for that "capslock meltdown"

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