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=i raced a train and all i got was this lousy tombstone=


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i used to get really excited to get on 12oz, on a daily basis there were new threads being uploaded. or small additions to the threads that mattered..il admit that i came around when the computer and internet were putting a big influence on graffiti,or for me at least. although i did and still do have a fair amount of dvd's, and magazines too..its just the the internet was always way more updated and a bit easier for me to get my hands on. and more than just the internet, it was 12oz. i at one point felt like i had seen every thread on here..i was probably a bit excessive. BUT..now 12oz has fallen off. almost 100% esp here in metal heads. now if you dont have an iphone, android, or anything else with "nation wide blah blah blah" your not in the loop. i think that shit is getting way out of control. instagram...GEEEZZZ people are on that shit like its their job! AND people making graffiti facebook pages..uhh what?! i am guilty of having an instagram, but what i want to do is revert back to what i saw when i was younger..im gonna get back out and bench (which i have been slacking on quite a bit) and take in the lines..i feel like i can bless you guys with what me and my buddy's catch while out sippin, smokin and doing it how we remember. i do appreciate the dudes that have posted on here to this day..and the heads that are still doing quality, consistant work on the rails.


sorry for the rant, its one of those days...











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