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***2013 MLB Superthread***


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cant believe you dodgers fans are ready to dump kemp...dude is a natural baseball player and is incredible when healthy. be patient you turds your lineup is stacked regardless


Wil Myers on the rays is gonna be a player, sometimes you can just tell


I ain't ready to dump Kemp at all, but all these injuries are making me wonder...


If he does stay healthy, we are gonna be hard to beat.. Even more so than now.

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most wins in franchise history and they boot him in august. tough love



chuck was like a father.

RAJ did him horribly dirty, scapegoat status.

Im proud to have printed these posse shirts years back.

never forgotten and best of luck chuck, I wouldn't mind seeing him as the washington nationals manager last year.I think he's be a perfect fit for that underperforming young core. World champion.

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The Phillies sign 36 yr old Marlon Byrd to a 2 year, 16 million dollar contract...Raj doing what he does best. SiGNing old ass players with nothing left in the tank to a 2 year deal when he could have easily made it a 1 year contract. I know Byrd had a decent season this year but I'm chalking that up to him juicing still. He got caught in 2012 for it. And 8 mill per??? Who else was bidding for him that raised the salary so high? They could have signed him at the end of free agency for 2 yrs, 6 mill...RAJ is the worst negotiator I've ever seen.

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