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***2013 MLB Superthread***


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LEE pitched a gem.

surprised mixed reaction when pappelbon came out to close considering he won a WS for boston...

fans today are fuckin idiots, i spit on people who boo Werth when he comes to philly, literally...

i just dont understand how you boo a world champion for your city,,, unless maybe he was an uncontibuting cancer or mercenary, even then i question it.

this is coming from someone who hates both pappelbon n boston in general.

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watching him bat was like looking at sheep led to the slaughter.

DOO DOO BROWN all star, congrads youngin...

phils 8 1/2 out, need slight miracle, stranger things have happened. i.e. SF winning twice?


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Dodgers are finally getting on track and they better with all that money they spent...


Anyone else think Kemp is doing roids? He suffers way too many minor injuries. I thought I heard somewhere that is or can be an indicator..


And last, but not least: PUIG!!!

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Puig is nice. I would vote him in to the the All Star Game even after a month of being called up. He has been a bright spot in a boring season. At least to me it's been boring. Runs are down, no hitters are way down and I'm guessing the way this thread is moving that some of you feel the same way. I think things will pick up when it gets closer to playoff baseball!

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I mean there isnt much to say when your team is constantly in the basement, making 2+ errors on average a game, not pitching, hitting, or fielding well, and you get annihilated by the fucking cubs.


Ive watched more beisbol than I did last year, but it sure as fuck hasnt been my squad.


The ALC is probably the weakest division in baseball and we are the lowest of the low.

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giants are fucking up...but 2 rings in 3 years, im not too mad at this season even if it is for real pathetic.


puig is crazy, no denying that. if kemp stayed healthy dodgers lineup is fucking nasty! manny machado keeps impressing me too, he plays such a nice 3b.


zach wheeler just shit on the giants as a met, even got an rbi. never forget we gave him up for fucking carlos beltran. such a bad move.

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It's funny how after I posted that comment about no hitters being way down, two pitchers throw no hitters within a week of each other. I didn't really mean that this season was boring, I think it's just I haven't had time to really watch many games so I guess I feel disengaged.



I'm watching the Phillies right nao tho!

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B.J. Upton deserves more $ due to age, upside, defense, if I was a GM I would regret doing 5/120 for upton but would do it.


In terms of BJ Upton: You can't seriously think he's worth upwards of 20m a year? Only two center fielders getting paid that much are Kemp and Wells. And the only other two above 15m are Granderson and Werth. Not that my team is going to be signing any outfielders, but I would certainly be furious if I was a fan of a team that signed Upton for more than like 4/50.


Edit: I mean, shit, Upton's batting numbers are nothing impressive with a career .255 average and .336 OBP. And his numbers were down in 2012 with a .246 average and a sub .300 OBP. If you're looking at WAR, he was at 2.6 in 2012, ranking 16th among center fielders. Granted, not all of them are on the free agent market, but to think that he deserves more than 10m a year seems completely insane to me. I'd even be mad if my team signed him for 4/40. It's also not like he's a young guy who we haven't seen at the major league level and he might develop into a way better player. Dude is 28 and has played 100+ games since 2007, and 40+ in two previous seasons.


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