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blood fart

Fun Fun Fun

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It will be fun.

I don't know anybody that has been disappointed in the past.


I'm stoked.






Beach Fossils.

Bun B.


Eugene Mirman.

Hannibal Buress.

David Cross.




Yeah. I am so in it to win it.


I was supposed to go last year.

Mainly to see Danzig Legacy.

I ended up opting to sleep all night.

And let the tickets just sit there at Will Call unclaimed all night long.

So it goes.

This time will be different.

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There's also a Free Ride put on by Odyssey & Sunday bikes.

I'mma take my Sunday Funday down there and ride with Aaron Ross.


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The dudes that put this together do a stellar job.

90% of the awesome shows that get booked in Austin can be credited to the Transmission Entertainment dudes.

They deserve all the success they have.

Hard work pays off.


I should be showering up and getting dressed for this.

Instead of drinking coffee by the pint and watching cartoons with kids.

It will all come together.

I will just get ready in the car on the way there.


The weather is beautiful out.

This weekend is gonna be so so so good.


FFF>Chaos In Tejas>SXSW>ACL


Austin is just one fest after another.

No complaints here.


It does make traffic and parking a hassle.

But bikes are better, anyways.

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This will wrap up the weekend.

Burger City is also doing a lot of real awesome stuff lately.

He's got a whole scene going.

Straight forward rock and roll for the kids.

There is gonna be an entire generation that Burger City will be their youth.

It's cool to see something like this happening and really taking off and getting success and respect.




PS. This is so super good.

Despite the unfortunate band name.


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There's a few bands I'd like to check out, but I'm in CA.


Going to Day of the Dead tonight then an art show.

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I'm surprised you didn't mention X. One of the best punk bands of all time. I saw them right when poor Exene was diagnosed with MS, words cannot describe being 5 feet away from her and John Doe, with Billy Zoom giving everybody the big grinning eye contact. Fucking incredible. Cool seeing Municipal Waste get some shine.


Th old man in me is irate at the hip-hop line-up. Girl Talk on the same line as DMC? That fucking Kreayshawn bitch? Danny Brown the Juggahoe? The fuck is wrong with people

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Maybe that looks like a good lineup for a festival for texas? But you know what it's still texas so the lineup is still shit with a few exceptions. And they wanted $200 for a 3 day pass!! I hope this promoter fails horribly

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