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I've moved to southern Utah. IOU suggested I start a Utah thread, but I'm sure I'll include stuff from Arizona and Nevada as well.


It's crazy here, all the hiking and biking trails everywhere. Lots of rocky cliffs and stuff to explore.


I've really only hiked one trail so far, it's called the Anasazi trail because the cliffs it takes you to are covered in ancient rock drawings. I love this stuff.




This is a stitched panorama taken with my cell phone. It's almost a 180 degree view. Standing at the curve of a switchback in the trail.




This is a cell phone pic, hard to tell in the sun what's in the frame.




I climbed down into the rocks on the cliff, figuring if someone made it down there to make the drawings, I could, too. It was easy getting down. Finding my way back up was harder, haha. Wonder what it all means? No one knows for sure.




Someone was impressed with himself.


Maybe aliens with 14 toes made these drawings?






Can't tell it, but there's a small river in the valley below. Easy to imagine families camped down there and their teenagers hiking up the cliff to etch stuff in the rocks...thousands of years ago.




Spiral marks the spot.


Here's video that shows the view while hiking the trail:



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I have been all over northern Utah. While I like the geography, I hate the people. I hope southern Utah is totally different.


I Like your pics. keep posting.

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This is a spot in St George called Pioneer Park. It reminds me a lot of the Valley of Fire, which is one of my favorite places on earth (it's about an hour north of Vegas). For the record, I haven't been to Zions National Park yet.




Another in-camera stitched panorama from my cell phone.




There's a cavern you can walk right into. Someone carved this face into the rock near the back.






You can climb all over the rock formations. It's a really neat place.

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The closest train tracks in Utah to where I live are an hour north in a little modern ghost town called Modena. It's still populated but most of the houses and buildings are pretty run down. There might be more dogs living there than people.


These are a mixture of film (old folding camera) and digital (point and shoot) shots.













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I went from southern AZ through Mount Zion ntl park over the summer. Beautiful shit.


I live pretty close to Zion but still haven't gotten over there to check it out. Hopefully next weekend.


I went to a little mining ghost town called Silver Reef. It's right next to a small non-ghost town called Leeds, and the historical spots are actually surrounded by big huge modern houses, it's kinda funny. And annoying when you try to get shots of the old ruins but you can only shoot them from certain angles, otherwise you get the modern houses in the frame.








There are a couple old pioneer cemeteries there (I have a thing for old cemeteries). Most of the grave markers are blank wooden crosses.




The few remaining marked gravestones are mostly of children, it's pretty sad.






Cell phone panorama:




There were a couple modern graves there (over behind my car). One was a man who died last year, he was about my age (42).


Here's a digital shot of the landscape there:



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Went to Vegas yesterday.










Also took my husband up to the Anasazi trail, he hadn't been yet. (Same place as in the first post, with the ancient rock drawings.)







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I went out exploring the other weekend. Ended up on the road to Zion National Park, but my car started to overheat, so I didn't get as far as I wanted.




There's a little tourist trap "mining town" called Fort Zion in a town called Virgin:




It's closed for the winter.


I found this spot along the Virgin River in LaVerkin, though, with an abandoned structure. You'd think there'd be abandoned stuff everywhere, this being the desert, but I haven't found many abandoned buildings yet.




It's at the bottom of a steep cliff, the trail is a hard climb back up.




Turns out it was once a power generator.





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This is Sand Hollow State Park. A water reservoir. You can boat and dirt bike here (there are dunes--orange dunes).




It's in a town called Hurricane, which the locals pronounce "Herkin." I refuse to call it that. You've got a town with the best name ever, and you're not going to say it right?




Taken with a Nikon V1 (which I just picked up used really cheap).

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Thank you!


This is at the Red Cliffs Rec Area near Hurricane, UT:




I'll probably post more pics from that area soon.


Beryl, UT is another modern day ghost town. I'm not even sure you can call it a town, there's only a couple farms, from what I saw. And a few abandoned houses:




Need to get back up there when it's not below freezing and take more pictures.


Pinhole shot of a petroglyph:




This is in Nevada near the Valley of Fire:



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these are great-as always.

im from northern Utah and always loved riving back home because it is a really pretty state.

you have found some great places.


like I said, im from utah, and still refuse to call it Herkin.

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I haven't posted in here in forever. I haven't really done that much shooting since moving to Utah, not like I used to. It's either too hot to go anywhere or nothing worth taking pictures of. But here's some since the last time I posted.


Places in Snow Canyon:






Gunlock, UT:




Frozen lake in April, last spring--just beginning to thaw:




Sand Hollow water resevoir:





Abandoned houses in Modena, UT:








Over Under wheat paste on a closed down bowling alley in Hurricane, UT:



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