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Hurricane Sandy: We're all going to die.


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I'm gonna have to disagree with your opinion, I think it was necessary to cancel the marathon due to our conditions, there's no way that would've helped right now in any way. Most of the work is volunteers and sponsors so maybe a write off for taxes but no pay check for anybody but major company's. Half of NY still has no power and people are struggling, riots are gonna break out soon because of the gas situation... It's just not the right time for it, however It's def fucked up Mr Mayor made a last min decision on it, people do come from all over the world to run that so they have every right to be pissed the fuck off...

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the only people who run that marathon are white collar fags who are bored with their 9-5 and needed a "challenge" so they took up running. eat a dick of course they were going to take police/emt/other personnel away from areas of the city that got destroyed so niggas could jog around willy b and the UES at in the leisure.


Nobody is concerned with that race, at least no one standing in the 3 block long line for a bus to barclays with me tonight. every entrant in the race should be giving a ribbon or whatever the fuck you win for volunteering their time elsewhere for a sunday real talk.

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There's been a home invasion robbery or two, but then that happens without a hurricane. Getting rid of that marathon was what was needed. I'd be willing to bet that corporate sponsors would profit more from that than the hot dog vendors, etc., working the sidelines. Supporters were trying to describe it as a block party atmosphere, I've never seen it that way. Also so people outside can understand, there's many people in the area without power. The marathon ends in Central Park, and right now there are 2 generators there plus a third for backup that would have been used for the media coverage. A report said that the 2 generators to be used by themselves could power 400 homes, so who the fuck in the dark wants to see that electric going to some jackass reporter reporting on some richie rich running fucks?

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The generators were an example of a point I could have made better- the city could better use its resources following a natural disaster. It doesn't mean that the city will. But really, with gas shortages, traffic restrictions, etc., if you're going to close down roads and make a pathway through all 5 borooughs, you should really use that path to let in gas trucks and other supplies that are needed.

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