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Hurricane Sandy: We're all going to die.

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yeah cuz spray paint lays down like butter in 80 mph winds and pelting rain

not to mention painting the subway in your scuba suit



Somehow I doubt there was 80 mile an hour winds when these pics were taken.

Somehow I doubt there's 80 mile an hour winds right now.

I also doubt that every stretch of subway tracks/stations is flooded.

Just sayin though.

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So I just got a call from ConEd (power company that services all of nyc) about an hour ago. I am getting my power back by Saturday 11pm. What in the fuck. Greatest city in the world. I hate admitting we've been resting on our laurels but NYC should have had their shit together by now. No power in a portion of manhattan that houses 300k people not to mention businesses, its amateur at best.

Contingency plan = Good luck, but now you're on your own.



Edit: Mind you, I'm living out of my backpack on the upper east at a friend and his wires place, using their spare bed hot water internet and fucking up their nuptial nest of newly-wed faggotry.

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Some people that live in the radius on the grid I am also in ain't no joke, there are quite a few millionaires that push around a lot of weight here, from delancy to 39th st. That includes soho, west village, chelsea (all out of commission). But these fools usually have more then one residence in the city and a few around the world so they can just relocate for a few days.


I live within a mile or 2 of wall street. But my whiney point is, NY is behind in its infrastructure and technology. I think shit would have gotten trashed regardless of what we set up to prevent it, cant control nature. Its the cleanup time involved to bounce back. I understand people will make money from fixing upgrading, but losing pay because of inconvenience or power outage just feel unacceptable, for the premium we pay to live here. The idea of ny is based on connivence

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True or what?


untrue. but i live in a middle class blue collar neighborhood and the power stayed on the whole time. i'm lucky i guess. also still got half a tank in my whip. niggas is prolly wilding in coney island. next level looting will prolly be syphoning gas from cars. FUEL WAVE!

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There are two types of people dealing with this. The dude that's pissed he needs to drag his case of donated water up 22 flights in his high rise...not to mention he hasn't been able to go to work for a week. Then there's the smarmy fuck that goes on the radio talking about how he's so thankful that the selfless organic produce market hooked him up with a bag of tomatoes, because he had to throw away all his Whole Foods groceries.


In other words, not everyone has something to complain about, but it is pretty bad for some. I'm chilling.

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