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Hurricane Sandy: We're all going to die.


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This pizza isn't even that good. I don't mean to be a dick, but there are literally 100's of pictures of this dude all over the place in this spot. In all sizes. When you walk in there is a life-size pic of the owner holding a pizza, then a picture of him holding other pizzas and dough ever single foot after that. No other pics of anything else just this guy making pizzas. To the point that its weird.


WE GET IT YOU MAKE PIZZA. Its really mediocre at best, and the guy is acting like he cured cancer. I haven't been there in years, and every time I walk by there is a line, their pizza is hyped up so much by online reviews, and the fact that its the oldest wood-burning spot in NY. Who cares if its the oldest, its not great pizza.



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Things are really fucked. My parents have no power still. My girl had a whole week off of work. NJ transit is still down where I am stores are running out of everything. Can't find a pack of newports to save my life. Jersey shore is devastated. Fuckin bullshit storm only lasted a day. Just got Internet back but I'm sure it'll cut out in a minute. Fuck.

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I'm beginning to think there's some kind of tinfoil hat type conspiracy here, at least as far as gas shortages go.

Every gas station I saw yesterday in Brooklyn and Queens had only one pump running for cars.

There's plenty of gas in Westchester and up, no lines and all is well.


Most of them were open, but all of them only running one pump, why?

If I had a station I'd want to sell as much of my gas as fast as I can, if you run out so what.

Send the extra employees home until the next tank comes in and start cranking it out again ASAP.

The fact that all of them are running only one pump is suspect to me.


I still have a full tank in my own whip that I never drive and a half tank in my company car.

If it comes down to it I'll drive up north for gas before waiting in some unnecessary line here.

I feel bad for the people who have to endure that shit for hours.


Sell that shit, $7 a gallon, no line.

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thats fuckin insane. people are really hurtin and these vultures are tryin to get paid.


good looks I.R. im tryin not to loose my mind...watchin the walking dead in a crowded ass starbucks right now.


stores are still not taking credit...cash only..and i only got credit at the moment. fuuuuuuuuu


not to mention its nice as fuck out. 1 fuckin day of storm fucked everything up so bad its retarted

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