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I'm concerned about you

blood fart

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Yeah 6 months is the huge one. Most people don't make it that far so it really is a big deal. I've hurt plenty of people, fucked over people who didn't deserve it ect. But you do dumb things when your fucked up. Sme people forgive you, some people don't, some people are there rooting for you and some don't give a shit. In my personal transition from going to fucked up to sober some friendships have become stronger and more meaningfull than I though was possible, and some people I thought I'd be cool with for life are no longer around. Things are fucked up sometimes but basically you gotta do what's right for you sometimes and what makes you happy and not worry so much about other people's feelings.

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Ran outta props real quick in here.

This thread is part of the old gold that kept ch0 awesome. Stay up BF, positive makes positive. We want frequent updates, and tits and more updates. If a person realizes they are being a piece of shit, they were never really a piece of shit, they just got thrown off course. Real turds, stay being turds.

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I don't have AIDS.

Or any STDS.

Which probably surprises some of you.


I go to CA meetings in the bldg next door.


Went to some Halloween parties last night.

Was aight.

Saw a bucha wasted friends.


Tomorrow is Fun Fun Fun Fest.

All weekend.

That's where I'll be.

Say what's up if you see me on the streets.

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