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Instagram. how does it work?


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Errrrry day I'm followin.


i think i know who you is gurl. and you make the fahking most banginest lookin food ever?


also. related. and stolen from the nonsense thread for more serious conversation




How does this girl have 58 pics and 61k followers with NO NUDES???


seriously. this shit confuses the hell outta me. but i see it all the time with random

dudes. niggas got 40 flicks. over a 1000 followers. but following a couple hundo.

but they're no names. where. how. i. just...wtf. niggas tryna blow UP son lololol.

we got all this private internerd cred and yet we still suck. i need a beer.


Person A starts following person B

Person B follows person A in return because she's hot

Person A unfollows person B

Person B continues following

Person A gained a new follower







and this! wtf!

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