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Bike People: Lance Armstrong is a doper, brah

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all this press against him is stupid as fuck, dude is a legend. yes theyre all dopers except the ones who finish after the first 50 dopers.. but he was the baddest out of them all & raped that race 7 times in a row. i challenge anyone to do what he did, roids or no roids..


I don't give a fuck about riding bikes in any capacity, but this is on point.


You have all these armchair enthusiasts and assholes who go to the gym three times a week and are "in the the best shape of their life" flipping out and whining about this..."oh, give me my money back, his charity is a lie" "clearly he has no respect for the sport, he cheated his way to the top" yeah all right. Step up off doing 5 miles a week on the stationary bike and then say something...as for the professionals who are upset, you get multiple wins under your belt, and then by all means...


But cyclists are a weird bunch. I have a homie really into it, and he is rabidly against any enhancement, regardless of who does it and how often.

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meh, not sure you can take a lump of people and throw them all in spandex and say 'they are all alike'

plus the testing these days is pretty intense.



that said, mang talk about crashing and burning

saw a pretty good analyst talking about this too.. since he's old and permanently banned, he'll never get the chance to worm back in like a michael vick and he doesn't have the love that even a barry bonds might have had from some fans


that said, i cannot believe some peeps on my fb actually defending this guy.



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Oh shit.. I remember wakin up with the sun in my eyes. Felt like ' i need drugs ' everytime. i inhaled the air into my lugns. i imaginated that it was marijuana smoke i inhaled. but sometimes imagination fails. and then you have to make ur dreams come true. buy it.roll it.n smoke the zuuu. but with drugs im trough. since years back. but the time from that time is still glued back in my backmind. drugs its easy to find. but hard to quit. quick.

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Around the third or fourth win was when I started to wonder...but let's be honest, if you took the doping out of racing the end result would be kind of boring from the drama/performance aspect.


I never really cared much about the TDF and still don't. The Paris-Roubaix is way crazier IMO.


And his charity had nothing to do with doping, unless you count the fact that most cancer patients take steroids as part of chemo...are they cheating by not getting better naturally? Taking away whatever little help that's out there for people with cancer seems a little harsh to me.

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The guy survived ball cancer which spread to his brain and lungs. He beat it and went on to win however many championships while starting his own charity.


That does not sound like an evil person.


Also I do not know about steroids but don't the boost testosterone levels? I think that would be a necessary treatment for someone who has had a testi removed.

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