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The Stop-and-Frisk policy in NYC


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I refuse to admit that every police officer who has ever lived is an irredeemable piece of shit that's personally out to get everyone who isn't another cop, so in the context of these boards I'm basically a cop myself.


I'm just being a dick though, I seriously do not care at all about them buffing that Ket wall. Shootings (especially in the context of the NYPD) are a different story though. They actually just killed some dude from my area and one of the people in the car with him was an off duty officer. I think someone else said it, but there's no external oversight, so they basically are free to do whatever they want and I'm not a fan of that by any means.

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New York cops are the fucking worst. Beat officers have even been admitting lately that the policies of the department are forcing them to harass and arrest people over bullshit that neither party thinks is fair, which is resulting in an increasingly shared view that it's civilians verses the police, rather than the police being a force to protect and serve the populace. Add on to that multiple high profile stories of on or off duty cops raping women, all the stories about stop and frisk searches being flagrantly increased despite numerous reports that it doesn't actually do anything to decrease crime rates, and numerous videotaped instances of brutality against unarmed and nonviolent suspects, protestors, and members of the press, and it's starting to look like this city is headed the way of LA in the early 90s.

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The Jew bashing is interesting in the fact that the Jews have their own police force in the Jewish neighborhoods, wonder why they didn't call them in.


As for NYPD, they're corrupt assholes (surprised?). They have no external oversight/review, and they have even gone out of their jurisdiction, undercover and unannounced, to spy on people.


the white devils also have their own ambulances which are cadillac escaledes, yukons or denalis.

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