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Black Book Markers


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Digging through the stickied Marker thread just not good enough anymore? Anyway....


Prismas - easiest to come by in the US (i.e. most "free"), overall solid blending marker albeit not the best, if you're gonna buy them they're pretty reasonably priced online


Copics - outrageously expensive, can be found for free sometimes but I don't see them out all that often (more in recent years though so maybe they're getting more popular), brush versions are great for blending, buy nothing but the brush versions, technically I think most are refillable


Touch - solid copic competitor: less expensive + comparable quality, good brush marker


Alpha - slowly becoming a personal favorite but next to impossible to find in the US, just released a brush marker and I have yet to try them as much as I would like but one of the best blending markers I've ever used


Ironlak markers are garbage, same w/ OTR markers (though they do have a few vibrant blues and greens that I enjoy), both bleed like hemopheliacs and fade stupidly fast.


There's tons of other brands out there, just try it all and see what you like. As an aside, if you have to ask this question in the first place you probably don't need to be spending money on professional quality markers.

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I use crayolas but one prob with them is that they leave lines. As in when you're doing a big blocl of fill/single colour you're not left with a smooth patch, it doesn't bleed in to itself. You're left with lines and if you've overlapped your lines you get dark streaks within you're colour.


I recently bought some of these





They were cheap so it was worth a shot and for the money they're ok. But if they ever jack up the price I'd give them a miss as they are super wet and as soon as pen hits paper you're bleeding out. You'll never get a sharp, crisp line with these. But for doing fill and big blocks of colour they're great and they don't leave lines like the crayolas.

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