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The internet's biggest troll has been outed


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Gawker.com has done a story on the person behind Reddit's "Violentacrez.It's quite the read.My sympathy meter is not registering any sign of activity in this case. Fuck that guy, and his weird pedophilic bullshit and rationalizations.






well this didn't take long Fired.


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"About a year ago, Violentacrez's teenage son did his own Ask Me Anything thread. His son uses the handle Spawn_of_VA and he is dad's biggest fan. Interspersed among talk of family game night, Spawn_of_VA regaled readers with more weird tidbits about his father, including the fact that he has a "suitcase full of dildos in his closet" and a "roller type thing with spikes on it, he uses that to roll on his balls."


there you go john

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So you slightly caught my interest, I click the 1st link and........am very disapoint. I read about half, I think you posted the worst of it, which isn't much in comparison with some. Basically though, this is a story by a snitch of how he came to snitch out an internet pervo in some feat of journalistic diarrhea. Boo-urns!!!

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