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super DIVORCE thread!

Fist 666

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as a child whose parents are divorced I often want to kick my dad in the dick and mother in her vagina, hard. both were young parents not ready for the task.


glad you don't have kids to put through that shit, real talk.


my sister and I are firmly against the institution and children

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If there are no kids, it can be pretty simple. Watch out in court for the judge and alimony. Even after me and my ex worked it all out, the judge still asked if she wanted alimony, even though she made more money then I did.


At least my ex was cool.


Fist, if you come through my area on the way to CO, hit me up. I can give you a place to chill for the night and we can go drink some beers downtown.

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no kids. ever.


i like symbols method, i tried it, won't do it again.


cilone i messaged you via props.


i think the getting laid thing just seems weird because i haven't had variety in my life for coming up on 4 years. i'm sure after the first one i'll have my confidence back. and back to treating objects like women.

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