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kinda ironic that some members of this site are calling out someone as a snitch.. then dropping as much info in the thread as possible..


fuck anyone who snitches obviously.. but then why turn around and make post after post dropping info..

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far be it from me to have anything to say about someone i personally think is a jerk.


its really the fact of hypocritical behaviors, regardless of who it involves


writers get put on blast in the news paper sometimes, is it cool to post the links to the news story? not really. even if that person is a media whore.. its still toy behavior to propagate police info. even if its in the paper or elsewhere. this website is based around illegal behavior.. so posting police info here is toy.


you guys feel free to continue!

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^^so this is the basis for that whole MUL beef?



just sounds like more he said she said bullshit LoL



in the end i got nothing to prove to anyone!! i really dont give a fuck what anyone says or think!!


^yet you caps lock your rants across the entire interweb










^^legit spot brah





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woooooooooow!!! i cant front this shits some funny shit!! i see that me and seen are getting to all you fake graffiti writers ya just pure jealous and hating thats all im on another level ya can say what ever ya want im still waiting for proof documents and some real solid evidence which will never happen!! this all a hate move like who the fuck is ces53!!!! fucking toy from holland all good ill see you someday and youll get your face cut wide open now!! see im not seen ima bring it to you!! seen dont sweat this faggot gay shit!! ya just hate on him for his million $$$$ deal with opera gallery so sad and really pathetic!!! ya mofos can die in your hatred and live a suffering life!!!







had to post the picture you posted in the brick slayers thread LOL



^^what's funny to me about that is, that's clearly not Cope or Seen that threw those up, and they didn't even fuck with the characters flashing badges, so it's still reiterating that Cope is a Cop hahahahaha..all you did was took the original piece, and put the same word up over what was already being said here lmao...and what's even more pathetic is that it's not even you that did it...you'd get clowned on way less if you had your toy army throw up their word in sake of your name..but you just had some jackass replicate the same throwie we've all seen for the past 40 years


new internet helmet. caps lock unavailable





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i remember seeing all that shit in the MUL threads, and Cope co-signing for the fact that he paid people to use other writers government names..the fact that he puts his toy goons on blast like this is sad..almost like he's proud of these dronies he pays to do his bidding..these niggas don't have your back, they just want your money


you claim Utah snitched on you or whatever, and that you most definitely are not a rat right? regardless of what you claim Utah and Ether have done to you (and you also claim you're above all this shit), why the fuck would you sink to a "rats level" and do some rat shit like fund some toys government name spree? you sir, are the ultimate rat and don't even realize it..pathetic


i hope you're reading this Cope..and slap yourself in the mix..even if Utah started it, you can't call yourself a self proclaimed "legend" and talk about how much better than everybody you are, and then go off and do some shit that goes against everything you just caps locked about. you should know better

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from ces53's interview at ilovegraffiti.de : "Lets stay New York for one more question. There was this ironic piece you painted lately, a clear message to Seen and Cope2. What is the story behind it? Of course we have a guess and we also have heard the rumours…


I thought of it as cabaret-graff, doing a funny persiflage of the famous whole car by SEEN based on certain information.


What was the response?


One individual was not really pleased with the painting and had a caps lock meltdown, but everybody else basicly thought is was pretty funny, SEEN asked for a high res photo." ahahahha, laudhed my ass off for that "capslock meltdown"










more LuLz for your day

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