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looking for some hampton roads writers

mr melatonin

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Not really. Whilst I appreciate this is a graffiti forum, and you're almost in the right section, most people feel obviously uneasy about 'meeting up' with people off of the internet.


Apart from the obvious constabulary suspicion, you don't really know these people, you don't know if they'll fold faster than Superman on laundry day if the red'n'blues do nab you. Then you're cooked - and "I just met them on the internet" doesn't fly fantastically unless you're steely.


You, yourself, don't know if some of the people on here are well aware that graffiti is usually engaged in by impressionable young teens, the chance of paedophile predators contacting you is high. For your own safety, I think it best you keep to yourself the graffiti craving that you're having - fly solo. I mean, c'mon, doubles tennis is for punks - always leaves someone else to blame.


Get up a bit, get good, let the heads find you.

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