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Lens suggestions

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Now i wasnt sure if i should post this in the DSLR Video thread,but here we go.


Any recommendations for FD lenses for shooting video? Especially in low light?

I have a Olympus E-PL1 with a canon fd adaptor..

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I don't really have much useful info for you, since I don't know shit about video, Canon lenses, or Oly digital cameras, but I figured I'd remind you of the 2x crop factor when using lenses designed for 35mm on a Micro 4/3 camera. I'm guessing you're well aware, but just keep in mind that a 50mm FD lens on your camera is going to be the equivalent of a 100mm lens on a 35mm or full frame camera. Fisheyes and other extremely wide angle lenses sometimes can distortion or have weird crops due to the difference in crop factor, so try to find additional info on people who have tried them with an adapter on a MFT camera if thats the direction you're going in.


Also, even though it probably won't help me, it might help some of the other folks answer your question if you narrow it down a little bit, in terms of the type of lens you're looking for. Wide angle? Telephoto? Prime? Zoom? Or no clue yet and just looking at your options?

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GlenQ im gonna be the asshole straight off the bat and say get yourself a a canon 7D or mark 2, mark3 or nikon d800


But anyway not really sure how that lens thing works with your camera but when ive shot video i usually end up using something with an extremely wide aperture 1.8, 1.4, 1.2 and maybe 2.8 depending on the situation. Primes are usually your best bet (24mm, 35mm,50mm,85 ) they allow the wider aperture and extra light in when you need it.

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