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12oz's current state makes me fap/complain


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I can say that I pretty much stopped posting because i have been trying to pull back on my internutz. Not because of the oontz. I still check here when I come on, but as a whole, I needed to slow it down and enjoy real life.


On another note, more and more I am seeing people whose whole life is online. Before computers, they would be losers and no one would pay attention to them. But now they can act however they want and make up whatever personality they want, without being called on it. I just do not want any part of it anymore.


I still come to the oontz every now and then, but just to see how it is going for the most part. Eventually I will come back, but real life is happening. For those of you who know who I am, feel free to send me a PM if you come thru my way.




Socially awkward people thrive off of the impersonal contact.

It's the same reason why I wonder why losers have cellphones.

Those people who can't look you in the eye during a conversation but won't hesitate to text you the most trivial, unimportant shit.


I miss having exciting threads to lurk, but I know an influx of activity would mean having to sift through new, cringeworthy, bullshit posters.


Measly ups for those pics +plus+

My hangover mornings are spent on here, so I hope some of you stick around for the long haul.

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Re: 12oz's current state makes me sad/pissed


Ironically enough, when I went to post something in this thread yesterday, I got logged out. In hindsight I feel like any rant I go on, makes me sound like moogle.


Lol speaking of, he said hes completely done wit the oontz.. that ngga had the ill knowledge about all things internet.. smh


i stopped coming on so much because i didnt have internet access for a while.. basically.:rolleyes:


i still lurk burners/style/nyc/831/msk threads though.

and nonsense thread.



idk bruh.. i just dunno

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