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I'm coming to New York for a couple of days and staying here http://standardhotels.com/

Work is paying for my wifey and I to go. Can you guys recommend some cools places to eat, shop, party etc in that area. Cool shops not your traditional bullshit. A good place for fresh kicks would be nice.




(I'd post tits but I'm at work sorry)

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my girl and I are also going to New York for a week starting Sunday. this thread directly relates to my future. She'll be at three kings in Brooklyn and we're staying in Brooklyn as well. We're going to see Book of Mormon, and have one meal lined up at an Peter Luger steakhouse. Any good eats when we don't mind spending some cash for food?

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Walk the whole High Line. It's dope. Since you're right there, I actually recommend doing it in both the daytime and the evening. When you get to the North end of it, there's the Chelsea galleries, which you can usually find some good shit in if you just wander around. Most of the galleries are closed Siunday and Monday though. The Joshua Liner gallery has a big ESPO show coming up in a couple of weeks-- I don't know if that's after your trip. Not much else I can recommend in that immediate area besides the galleries though. It's pretty dead around there.


If you want a drink right nearby, Brass Monkey is alright. Hogs and Heifers is the place they based Coyote Ugly on-- go there if you want to hang out with off-duty cops and tourists, and have skank bartenders try to insult you. That and almost everything else in the neighborhood is ultra douchey, but great girl watching.


Hector's diner is a block from the hotel and is actually pretty good if you want cheap food. The diner on the corner of 9th and 14th is also decent. Basil Artichoke's is pretty close to you; I'm not wild about their pizza, but some people say it's one of the best in NY, so you might want to try it if you're into that sort of thing. If you go to the Chelsea Market a few blocks away, there's a pretty good food court. Some of it is crazy expensive, but the Australian dub pie spot is pretty reasonable, and is one of my favorite places to eat around there. If you're looking for a more expensive meal in the area, Buddokhan, Pastis, and Homestead Steakhouse are all pretty good. If you like sushi, hit Morimoto. They have good lunchtime specials there too.

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the highline area will piss you off with the amount of rolled up jean short and american apparel tank shirt wearing ultra fags around and the lack of anything to do in that area...theres a footlocker on 14th if you want kicks. walk the highline, the days have been really reasonable lately temperature wise. blind tiger is not too bad of a walk from where you are(maybe it is but get some exercise) and melt bakery is good for a treat or handmade icecream sandwhich. if you're here through the weekend the graff y danze hall of fame is sat and sunday, fuck it find you're own way

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If your going to be here this weekend there's a free lunch party at the standard from 1-2 today. Peanut butter wolf will be spinning, free lunch and free absolut. Google it and RSVP for free.

Afro Punk festival is also going on this weekend. Not so much punk but worth it just to see das racist and it's free.

Reed Space/ annex on orchard st is having a dope sale 80% of sale items. They got nice tshirts, jackets and button ups for mad cheap. Like $4 for a tshirt cheap. While your there walk around the LES.

People said flight club but that shit is rape prices. Walk around soho and people watch all the model hoes. There's a few sneaker shops around there as well.

Uptown on 125th, there's atmos which is a pretty nice sneaker/ streetwear boutique.

If you want relatively cheap kicks, head over to Fulton mall in BK... Be careful of fakes though. While your there Espo got mad shit up randomly on buildings (I think the Macy's parking lot).

On Flatbush there's a fw mom and pop sneaker and hat stores but not really anything else to look at.

Get the lobster roll box lunch at the lobster place inside Chelsea market and have a nice picnic at the highline.

FYI if your gonna fuck your lady be sure to close the drapes (or not if that's your thang) cuz the standard's window got no tint whatsoever.

Baohaus for some fast eats, kinda overrated. Corner Bistro for the best burgers. Shake shack is good as well. Blue water grill is pretty good but $$$. Gramercy tavern is mad good as well.

Pm me or hit me on twitter (@clickclackoner) if you got any more questions.

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FYI if your gonna fuck your lady be sure to close the drapes (or not if that's your thang) cuz the standard's window got no tint whatsoever.


The question is, did you learn this by being the ones who got seen fucking by everyone, or were you the guy outside the window stroking to it?





On Bklyn, that steak house is supposed to be among the best.

There are plenty of random, good hole in the wall Jamaican and Haitian spots along Flatbush.

Blue Ribbon on 5th Ave is ok if you don't care about cash, but their restaurant and sushi bar on Sullivan St in Manhattan are both slightly better IMO.

Nyonya at 8th ave & 53rd if you want some unique Malaysian cuisine. There are also some decent dim sum spots located nearby on 8th ave and also 65th st but go around 11am.

When you think BBQ, NYC is not what comes to mind. If that won't stop you and you're in the Bklyn area there's Fette Sau on Metropolitan Ave. I'm not going to give this my full endorsement, but the local hipsters love this shit, and a lot of other people do too.

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