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Overt pervert.


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dick. is. definitely. at full mass.



that said. i have never had the pleasure of encountering said squirters.

the closest i've come was getting brained out by this russian chick.

whom i passed out on. only to discover the following morning she ended

up smashing the chinamen roomate a meer 2 hours later. he bragged

she was a total gusher and i only laughed because i knew he basically had my dong

in his mouth via said whore. funny how things work out. little too much drink.

miss out on awesome things like popping your squirter cherry. fuckin a.

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Wasn't this a thread before long time back?

Either way, one of the better quality threads I've seen on here in months, with just one post.





























































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I'm a 31-year-old bisexual female who's almost always wet and craving to be used like a filthy whore for a man's pleasure.

I also love tits, but I'm turned on by a lot of things and you'll see most of them on this page. This isn't just a porn blog, though. I also love music (and tits) and art (and tits) and funny shit (and tits) and random things (and tits), and you'll also see those things here.

If you're under 18, please find another place to play. If you're the subject or photographer of any of these images and would like them removed, just ask. If you're here for advice, you should probably talk to someone who actually has her shit together. If you're here because you also have a dirty mind, feel free to ask me anything (but please, for the love of God, read the FAQs first).

Just the FAQs


Pound me (with questions)

Give it to me (submit something)





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