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TrapWire: Law Enforcement Connects the Dots in Surveillance

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I. The Bottom Line: TrapWire's Role In International Intelligence Too Important To Stay Cloaked


According to newly released WikiLeaks documents, shadowy private security company TrapWire has taken law enforcement information sharing to an unprecedented level while staying largely under the radar. After 9/11, when agencies failed to "connect the dots" to prevent the World Trade Center attacks, it was common knowledge that coordination between law enforcement agencies became a priority. What has not been clear until now is that a private company run by ex-CIA operatives is at the heart of it.







TrapWire has three distinct components:


1. TrapWire Critical Infrastructure is installed at sensitive locations, such as the White House and the London Stock Exchange, to analyze security footage to "detect patterns of behavior indicative of pre-operational planning." The software integrates with surveillance cameras "to capture photographs or video evidence of suspicious activity."


2. TrapWire Community Member operates New York's and Las Vegas' "See Something Say Something" campaigns, as well as the iWatch citizen reporting programs in DC and Los Angeles (promotional video below). Information obtained from citizen reports is compared to reports from other cities and analyzed, then forwarded to law enforcement and the local DHS fusion center.


3. TrapWire Law Enforcement provides coordination and information sharing for law enforcement agencies, including the sharing of information obtained through TrapWire's other two services. For instance, according to Emergency Management Magazine, in Las Vegas TrapWire operates "a citywide database linking surveillance systems of most resorts and the fusion center







Who Uses TrapWire?


TrapWire does not make public a list of its clients. According to previously available information, clients include:

Transportation: (Source): Amtrak, Connecticut DOT, New Jersey Transit, MTA (New York City)

Military/Government: Fort Meade, US Marine Corps, Department of Energy

Law Enforcement: DC Police, Las Vegas Police Department, NYPD, LAPD

iWatch/See Something, Say Something Programs: US Army, Los Angeles, DC, New York City, Las Vegas

Private Corporations: 14 hotels and casinos

According to the Stratfor emails released by WikiLeaks, other clients include:

The White House, #10 Downing Street (the UK Prime Minister's residence), Scotland Yard, The London Stock Exchange, and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

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