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Brazil/Russia was a one point game, but you're right in general.


Wait for second grouping.


aight but the real question is will this US team beat the "dream team"??? not just protester but anyone that watches basketball curious with your answers.

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Glad to see we on the same page


On NBA championships alone the '92 team smashes this year's squad 22-7.


The original cast boasted 11 NBA Hall of Famers and an average winning margin of 43 points.


The current team has just three future HOF locks.



Charles Barkley claimed only three 2012 players -- Bryant, the Heat's LeBron James and the Thunder's Kevin Durant -- would have even made the 1992 U.S. roster.


He says dumb shit but is on the money there.^^^^^^

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I don't know how people aren't loling about this savage


I was high as fuck watching this dance live, I lost it when he started crotch thrusting


Champion Kenyan runner Ezekiel Kemboi has been charged with assault, a month before he is due to compete at the 2012 London Olympics.


A Kenyan woman, Anne Njeri, has accused the steeplechase gold medallist of stabbing her in the western town of Eldoret last night, the East African Standard reported.


Njeri, 26, told the paper that Kemboi drove her home after an evening out, and became aggressive when she refused his sexual advances. She claims he took out a knife and stabbed her in the chest.




released him on bail of $595..................





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Is it wrong that I don't give two shits about the olympics?


I find it funny that the world can come together on such trivial shit, but when more pressing things occur we cant do not a thing for one another. dunno, i think the games are pointless and prove how slow we are as a people.. ohhhh congratulations you run fast oh my welll isnt that spectacular.


no hate on the bolt man, i mean its cool that he uses this money to help his homeland and its people, but i wish more things in the realm of academia and science got this kind of hype. for fucks sake no one seems all too enthused about the mars landing...

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You don't get it.

You shouldn't try to look so deep and expect world peace or some shit.

we're lucky enough to watch the world come together to see who the best of the best is in their sports, whats wrong with that?

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In your logic, there should be no sports.


This is a competitive series of games, and means a lot more than that gay competition of measuring dicks and is clearly important.


Why so negative on sports?

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