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Help Us Host A World-Class Graffiti And Hip-Hop Event


SubSurface is an annual gathering of graffiti artists and muralists in Indianapolis, Indiana. Since 2002 the event has been organized by FAB Crew in collaboration with local and regional artists, attracting standout graffiti artists from all corners of the United States.




Learn more about this year's event at SubSurfacegraffiti.com.


You can see every wall from 2002 through 2011 at our SubSurface Graffiti Flickr page.




For our 10th Anniversary and we're creating a fuller experience for the artists, all of whom are now friends. For the first time we're working with the local art community to help shed some light on SubSurface, which we see as a cultural treasure for Indianapolis.




Although we have achieved a great deal on our own, it has become clear that we'll need some help to do what we have in mind for 2012. It is our ultimate goal to raise funding to properly compensate our guest speaker and musical performers as well as to help provide or offset expenses to featured artists.




The Goals and Rewards


We're looking for a grand total of $5,000 by August 13th. Although we have several goals, we have narrowed them to the following


•Fully compensate our guest panel speaker Dave Chino, a world-renowned graffiti artist and documentarian. We intend to fly him from NYC to Indy for 3 days with hotel.


•Cover costs associated with non-painting Subsurface elements. These include processing, printing, transporting and framing a large selection of photography,printing serigraph and digital posters, stickers and other promotional materials.


•Establish resources that will allow us to acquire large quantities of paint and other materials to provide participating artists. This may include travel costs.


•If we manage to get through all of those things and we still have a surplus, we would love to compensate the SubSurface team for the many hours of thought and effort required to make this happen.




In return we have a series of unique perks. Everything we're offering has been designed or created by the SubSurface family. Perks range from SubSurface 2012 T-shirts at the Fan Level to original artwork and signed posters at the Funder level. In between you'll find everything from original music to stickers...


Fan = $25


Friend = $100


Family = $500


Funder = $1000


The Message


We started doing this for ourselves, the artists behind SubSurface. But it became something that is now about an entire community; and not only the graffiti community. We realized this year that we need to take it to the entire Indianapolis community. After 10 years, it's obvious that we have something special here and we want the city to see it and be blown away. Your contributions will multiply our efforts and help us present something unforgettable to the city, and to our friends.




If you cannot contribute financially but you wish to get involved, we are still looking for wall locations. We have a good collection of walls but with top-tier artists calling every day, we need all the help we can get. Spread the word that we're looking for blank canvases in Fountain Square.







SubSurface began in 2002 as a way for Indianapolis-based graffiti artists to connect with the growing national scene. Always with a focus on ‘productions’ or collaborative murals, SubSurface is a proving ground for graffiti artists in the Midwest. The event has evolved into an extended network of artists that includes some of the most recognizable styles in the United States today. As a result, Indianapolis is now a destination city for artists across the country.


For our 10th Anniversary we’re showing our appreciation for the extended SubSurface family with some events in addition to the painting that will highlight our own rich hip-hop culture. We’re kicking off with a meet-and-greet Friday night, then capping a full day of painting with the after-party Saturday night. Once walls are finished Sunday afternoon we’ll close the weekend in style with a panel discussion open to the public. Not only are we planning a warm welcome for artists, but we’re creating an environment that will honor the entire Indianapolis hip-hop community.


SubSurface 2012 has been made possible with support from Big Car and IMOCA

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