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when were these flicks taken? I was in Rome in october of 2007 and didnt see on piece, tag, scratchtag, etch or one sign of graffiti for that matter on the subway. the trains were spotless???

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My last time there was 2005, and the subway was absolutely, disgustingly DESTROYED... I mean completely MASHED the hell up... layers and layers of wholecar remnants with panels and shit and throws and scribbles, you couldnt tell who did what first... Looked like Shit... was the week the pope died

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Actually.. I *read* and *heard* that in Poland, for a very brief amount of time trains were legal. There were however, numerous annoying conditions. Don't paint on the windows, certain trains, over the numbers etc etc. Toys soon swarmed to the trains now that anyone could paint them, squabbling and beef broke out, and everyone ended up just painting wherever they wanted on the trains. City got pissed, made trains illegal again. ;)




MGS stolen from eyegasm



kemh bol snoopy- 23 records

Stolen from Artcrimes


http://www.artcrimes.com/trains/b5.jpg'> Bol


that is a filthy rumour, i wanna see some proof of this outlandish suggestion

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There's still some old destroyed trains or cars on the Lido and A line, but the new models are now running these lines.

Rome is still destroyed, but it's only on the B line.













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