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fags blowing up yards on instagram


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pardon me for speaking up in possible ignorance. but you can disable the location setting in your phone camera at least on android devices. I generally tend to keep my gps off in the phone regardless. that isnt completely foolproof, as your location can be triangulated by the towers your signal is using.. but if we are just talking about freight yards and graffiti then its not like the NSA is hot on your trail to find out where you are doing panels.

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making this thread out of anger



some fag in my city is posting pics from yards which is cool but what hes doing is checking in at the nearest cross street, trolley stop, etc.


totally blowing up shit that shouldnt be out there online


in just as bad of taste as posting locations with flicks in brickslayers





told him what he is doing isnt cool and this fucker starts spouting that "i live this hip hop life.... its a culture... respect to all writers i photograph..i wanna show people who arent a part of this" FUCKING bullshit talk which pretty much shows me how much of a cunt he is. :heated:




ill be over here banging my head against a wall...............


Yo dude, I too live a hip hop lifestyle and want to share it with others.. :rolleyes:

:laugh1: :mexican: :nope:

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pointless thread is pointless.


beat that fools ass, stomp his phone and move on.


If you were really about it you would have done this off the break and never made this thread.


We got a badass over here.

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just a thought man, if he's stupid and niave enough to post spots, maybe you can somehow convince him to meet up under the guise of some "hip hop bboy/graffiti taggzz graff jam session" or something lame like that. and then when he shows up beat his ass and break his camera.


the only way he is going to learn is if you or someone else catches him and knocks a couple teeth loose. then maybe he will learn the severity of his actions. if you know spots he frequents just patrol it often enough and when you run into him BAM! handle your business.


i was thinking the same thing

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