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Is that what that read like? Huh. I must have got sidetracked somewhere between when I read the OP and when I started to respond.


Channel Zero goes in cycles. I didn't believe that a few years ago, but it's true. I don't know what those cycles are or what influences them. (That's not entirely true, but read on.) I don't think Channel Zero is that bad right now, but that's only my opinion. My point was that the content in here is 100% up to us, so saying that it's falling off is taking a very subjective view and not looking at what's good. It's better to just take a break or post less...things change. Maybe you changed, and your relationship to Channel Zero has shifted based on your new perspective. It happens.


The point I was trying to make about not owning a TV is that I don't get exposed to 90% of what's going on in mass media. I hear a little bit of commercial radio and see headlines but that has little to no effect on me either way. And I don't really care about popular politics until I get dragged into a debate.


I don't know where I stand on cultural appropriation....sometimes it's good, sometimes it's a blatant ripoff. I like Warhol and Lichtenstein for some of the same reasons that I I like remixes. This stuff has been going on for a long time. It's where art movements and musical genres come from...someone hears something or sees something and thinks, "I' like that, but I think I can make something that looks/sounds better." Or they do commerical art or play in a cover band.


I agree that there are a lot of hacks out there performing that have questionable talent, but the media industry isn't interested in quality...they follow formulas based on image and marketing that have nothing to do with quality. If you've seen past that, congratulations. You are now an aesthete, AKA a music snob and/or art fag. That's not a bad place to be, but it can be lonely.


Maybe I shouldn't be trying to wrap my head around this right now, I'm way too tired. I'll try again tomorrow.

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What happened/happens is people grow up/ move on/ real life happens. People grow out of things. One of them is channel zero. I've been on here since 2001. I've seen really old people like Tesseract. Dee38 (fuck i can't even remember the rest of them) but one day, they disappeared. Then a new group of people become the cool kids, and now its like they're all gone too. I really don't know who they are, but there is a lack of people on here. I'm sure all the kids everyone was negging, are going to become the popular channel zero, and a new batch of 12 year olds will come along and the kids that got negged will the the ones making "cool threads", and the noobs will be getting treated like people who need to learn a thing or two about a graffiti everyday talk section of a forum. It's funny because most of the cool people that use to frequent this forum, used to just jerk off the next dude (well the popular post'ers) and they all have there little inside jokes, or points and opinions,(just like all those crews people joined, night owls, and whatever the fuck) but are more inclined to respect a person you know who posts a lots, opinion or view on something, and had a green name, But if that person made a fake alias, and said the exact same thing, Someone wouldn't see it the same was as if it was someone whose been on the forum more. Does that make sense. Not really, but this is sadly how it is. I guess its the same way in everyday life too. i don't know.I use to subscribe to a bunch of threads that were always staying live. Now i come on here, look at everything thats new. a week later come back, and maybe one of two of the threads have a few new posts. Years , even a year ago it wasn't like that. You could go maybe an hour. Come back and it would just be more live. The only reason I'm on here is because i bought myself a computer after not having one for 3 years, and just going on every now and then. I'm getting old, but I've been doing this so long. I I've forgotten what else there is to do on the internet. I got my routine down. I open up youtube, start finding songs, while flipping back and forth from tumblr photos of boobs/girls, to 12oz, But now 12oz is just been so slow and dead. I've never seen it this bad.

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participation is off because most people cant access this site from their phones any more. I use to be able to use the shittiest web browser on throwaway phones to get on here, now you have to have a flash browser...

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I slowed my roll coming here ever since artfag street art and tyler the creator took over the front page news. even when peoplevoice complaints nothing changes, its like someone is paying 12 oz for some of these stupid news updates. a lot of the content is NOTHING that would concern any of us. If I wanna see that shit Ill go to hype beast and try to act like a cool guy.

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i have opinions on this but uh yeah.


i think husk really hit on something important with the props thing.


i would really love to see props done away with when the upgrade happens. (and i'm definitely one to neg noobs and lol about it...)

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