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hahahahaha dao youre killin me.

unions were a total necessity when corporate slavery was out of control.


things are different now.

i know my history, that's why i feel inclined to talk about it.

Maybe i'm just a "fucking idiot" like you said ... lol

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ok so whats my Little Giant replacement? How about a local brewery reccommendation and suggestions of something i could get into for a few hours that evening.


If you're staying in the brooklyn just walk around the burg, bedford and lorimer in the #'s hit meatball shop and all the obvious places. brooklyn bowl knitting factory etc if you wanna give me details pm me and i can give you more specific locations, I should know, Im a cop.

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Saw this the other day and it epitomizes this thread.


''Do you have enemies, good, that means you stood up for something sometime in your life"

- Eminem.


NO you stupid facebook bitch, Churchill said that, and probably someone said something similar before he did

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Since when has entertainment and/or politics at large appealed to anyone but the lowest common denominator?


I haven't owned a television since 1986...I don't really know what goes on in the mass media but if it's making people happy is that really a bad thing? Most people aren't trying to go to art museums, or the opera, or avant garde performances, or watch PBS...and that's the problem, they're so burnt out from working their asses off to maintain their artificially inflated lifestyles that they can't be bothered to plug into anything intellectual, much less think outside of the box in a political capacity.


Also, if you want Channel Zero to be a smarter place, that's your job. Some of you are intelligent, make use of it.


I don't mean to sound condescending but I spend an inordinate amount of my time trying to enlighten people who just don't get it. It gets frustrating, but that doesn't stop me from trying.

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Well... I think ch0 has dwindling participation. I was not inferring that it wasn't smart enough in here. I made the thread to get better insight to my own thought. I actually prefer if someone one picks an idea apart, then you can either bow out and concede to loss, or find more ideas to support it and different ways to make the original stronger. You don't sound condescending. You sound silly. I think people care about your television ownership as much as they care about the oontz clock, its neither here nor there.


My contention, again, is everyone is selling dreams and faking the funk so much (these days), that almost all substance has been stripped away. It happens so often, that its becoming harder and harder to notice. Its all thats left in media and its become so common that it has saturated all of us and it is affecting everyone on what I feel to be a personal level.

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