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* @ Eviltrailer


Since when has the average person been all about foreign affairs, security issues, global econ and a lot of other higher altitude issues anyway?


Most people have enough on their plates to worry about regarding career, family, enjoying their time here, etc. to spend time educating themselves on that shit. And as some one who is paid to research I will also add in order to educate yourself to a valid degree on such complex issues a fuck load of time and determination (a bit of education doesn't go astray as well) is required.


Being informed that shit is going down is one thing, that takes reading shit like NYT, Foreign Policy, Economist, some other non-US sources, etc. Even being informed you need to spread yourself to get a number of viewpoints. To actually know what you're talking about and to come to your own credible conclusions takes some pretty serious commitment in time and money.

People don't have time for that when running small businesses, families, studying, traveling, dancing, falling in and out of love and generally living life.


Probably one of the only things worth taking from this thread.

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i just read this whole thread (first page), and i've been saying this for awhile. Things have gone to and are in a complete shit storm right now. People in general just suck.Quality of everything has diminished immensely. I get so angry when i try to explain to "regular" people how stupid and idiotic the music/movies/ or TV is nowadays, and they just look at me like i have four heads. Fact is there are only a few of us who don't fall into the heap of shit thats slammed down societies throats everyday. We read between the lines, but unfortunately for us. Thats all it will ever be. To wake everyone up, to whats really going on, and to see the garbage for what it really is, will never happen. There will forever be those people who buy into that music, that movie, that lifestyle. Suckers. I could go on, and my rants will really always go off the deep end. So before my head explodes because I've had this stuff bottled up for months, and I' just try to get it out of my head and onto paper (internet forum), my head will explode, because i can never say what I truly feel when it comes to this, without getting pissed off. Never mind trying to explain some of my thoughts to a person who is doesn't have the same views at all. i just want to punch my thoughts into them, with a brick.

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and as far as music goes. Again without sounding like a tin foil head. Think about it. The music that is put out today is so dumb, narrow minded, and stupid, that in effect is making everyone else that listens to it, stupid. There is no more music that actually sends a message, that gets people thinking about the situation, or whats going on in the world. All the music is nowadays is "candy painted car, gold grills" "this is why I'm hot" "smoke dat kush" "popping bottles" "we up in da club making it rain" It's made to keep america and everyone stupid, and keeping all us idiots thinking that cars, grills, spending money on club vip, shoes, and hoes are more important than actually caring whats going on society/the world. This is designed this way to keep us all stupid, and to keep us from actually caring about something more than money/popping bottles/ weed. I hope some of you get what I'm trying to say. I can never really get my thoughts from my brain to paper, because my brains starts going a 100,000 miles a minute.

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Seriously all you retards sound like a bunch of crabby senior citizens.


"AW PISS! It ain't what it used to be!"


"The world is going straight down the drain!"


"AW PISs!@!! Kids these days have no idea what they're doin!"



You most likely have a handheld device in your pocket with instant access to the sum of all human knowledge.


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. Anyone know where I'm coming from?

Yeah I'm looking at you CreamyPotatoandHoes. you've been pretty chatty on here lately.





I feel the same way. Seems cliche and a cop out but I blame technology. There is an easy answer for everything."let me google it, hold up" *pulls out cell phone*

No one needs to think anymore.. I think ounce decline is related in a way to tech advance. Now when people have An interesting thought our a funny story from their day, Facebook. Where as it used to be threads. There used to be threads about the most mundane shit but that's what made this place pop. "pulpy orange juice is the jam!" Threads like that....



Funny because sometimes I bounce shit off the ounce before bringing it up at work too



PS-.coming your way next week. Keep an eye on your inbox

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Well-said on the polarization front, and it's a point many people miss: there ARE people who dont fit neatly into one party or the other. They're just not represented. They dont want to vote for something that doesnt fit them. This trend will only expand as we go forward.


We have no other choice!!!

The America that we live in dictates that you're either a Liberal and you vote Democrat, or you're a Neanderthal and you vote Republican.


Anybody can split the vote by voting for some fringe sect of either party IE Green party on the left, or Libertarian on the right.

But all either of them fringe candidates is doing is robbing votes from the real candidate on either the left or the right.


Short of a military coupe that abolishes even the resemblance of any political party affiliation, this is the America that we're stuck with.


We live in an America who's two party system where voting for a third party candidate only serves to rob votes from the real candidate who's policies and personality would more closely characterize your views. And thus ensures that the polar opposite asshole wins. Thus fucking you in the ass even harder for "voting your conscience" on some dipshit who had no chance of winning in the first place.



We have a "hijacked" congress because people got sick of the Dems running the show and didnt see the value in obamas reaction to the recession. i believe economics is cyclical but i personally also dont believe the bailout was the thing to do. We've begun to restrict the banks more and more but it irks me that in this country we turned to corporate welfare to shore up big business. what about small business? what about bailing out americans whose homes are underwater? what about students graduating with tens of thousands of dollars in debt? The parties i just mentioned did nothing wrong and are hurting because of the recession. Big business ran us into the ground and are getting checks? That shit has irked me since the beginning. Fuck GM and the big 3. Fuck the UAW as well. A forklift operator shouldn't make $70,000 a year and they know that, they happen to have GM by the nuts at the moment. PS - all that taxpayer money to GM? Most of it has been repaid. Much of it has gone to constructing dealerships, manufacturing facilities, and hiring people. Awesome! Too bad thats all happening in Russia and China.


I'm not totally sure that lumping romney in with the "corporate greed machine" is the right step. His company, on occasion, bought dying companies and tried to make them right again. They fired people. GM fired and laid off people when it was getting restructured, too - Obama and the government required them to, as a condition of their plan to stop bleeding money.


Why is it such an evil in America, the nation of at-will employment, to fire people? Open question, I really want to know.


I'm a firm believer that we're running into the ground already and regardless who wins we're gonna double (triple?) dip. Our current political compromise model is mind numbingly backwards: when a piece of law passes now, it generally includes some type of spending increase as well as a tax cut. This appeases both parties. This is wholly and embarrassingly unsustainable. There will be a president who will take a stand and have the balls to tell people what the fuck is going on. Neither of these two are that person. Honestly, I dont believe it'll happen until it's too late.




No, Obama and the Dems in congress got elected in the first place because everybody who had half a brain was sick to death of the Republican scam of "trickle down economics" combined with the fraud of a war in Iraq.

The hijacking of Congress two years later was the Republican backlash to a black president who didn't come from Skull and Bones getting elected combined with his policies that contradicted their Republican agenda that put America in this hole to begin with.

Obama's economic policies have turned us in the right direction and prevented us from slipping into a second great depression.

That's an indisputable fact.


The fucking TEA PARTY hijacked the 2010 congressional elections.


^THAT is why we have a hijacked congress.



And FYI, asshole. Forklift drivers do not make $70,000 a year.

But even if they did, the fact that they're union makes them deserve it.

Because if it wasn't for the unions, there would be no push-back from the corporate fat cats in this country to go back to 19th century capitalism.

Because we would have never left it in the first place.

Infact, there never would have BEEN a middle class in America.

You would have a 5th grade education if you were lucky, and spent your life slaving away in either a mine or a sweatshop or whatever for 16 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And got whipped for fucking up.

Learn your history and know your role.

As well as the roles of those who came before you who literally fought and died for the rights that people like you take for granted.

Rights that the Republican oligarchy are spending billions of dollars to repeal.

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