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...You totally did just rise from the grave just to shut down a thread about a dead cop.

You've been absolutely nowhere in sight for anything else in the past who knows how long, but you totally just dropped in out of nowhere just for the sole purpose of shutting down a LOL's thread about a dead cop.


For real son?

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I already peeped that thread and propped one or two people without even speaking on it long before it was closed.

Felt no need to contribute.

Did feel a need to put on blast some dude who has been 100% absent from this GRAFFITI forum for who knows how long feeling it necessary to pop in completely out the blue just to shut down a LOL cop dead thread though.


Why the fuck do you care?

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I'm pretty mad that I didn't get to read DAO's vitriol.

That's why I go into threads about cops.

I feel robbed.



All because some moderator wanted to be some upstanding moralbr0.


"Enough bad taste for one day."



Brb, threads full of racial, pedo, rape jokes written by criminals, but jokes about some dead phaggot cop gets a thread shut down on the basis of BAD TASTE.


Seeking is a cop.

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Uhhhhhh da fuq?


For real though, that thread was enjoyable.

Compaired to some of the faggotry and pictures posted on here that

was nothing, bad taste, I mean id say most of the comedy in there wasnt

too blasphemous against the almighty PD's of America.


The only shame about it is that she was shot doing one of the very few things police should actually do, and not a situation that would of warranted a response like that.


It was good to see not everyone on 12oz has turned into a suburban conservative dad.

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