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Pregnant? No you dick, I just love gross food combinations.

Crocodile Tears

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kind of lame, but i also sometimes pepperoni


only things in this thread that jumps out at me as weird is the grilled banana with cheese + chocolate & honey on pizza


tuna on a toated english muffin + sweet relish sounds good. & husks peanut butter sandwich, you could sell at some trendy bagle shop & overcharge rich people with


not hatin, just saying

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i forgot. i like to put potato chips on my pb&j too.

probably not so weird, like the other stuff.


i wish i could come up with something though

the other day i was reading about the inventor of bubble tea, who threw some tapioca pudding in her tea and voila. and then there's cakepops

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i made deviled eggs one night but didnt have mayo so I used some tartar sauce and picapeppa. ANd I do love cream cheese and pica peppa on crackers..


Some people hate on this till they try it but nothing is better drunk food than some Tune fish and mac n cheese.


Fried Dandelions


Reubens...yet since you dont always have corn beef so use hotdogs as a substitute.


hashbrowns, green beans, onions, and sausage all sauteed up in some butter then take a some ketchup, not a heavy portion, and toss it all together. Dont hate...its good. I love Whole Foods 365 ketchup.

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I like McDonalds Tartar and mayo mixed together for fry dipping. good stuff.

Lao chef I worked with used to make some funky combos.

Patties made from hamburger mince mixed with fish cake mix, actually tasted fukn great.

He also once mixed sugar, salt, coke and 7up-weirdest thing I ever tasted, he said it's a normal thing over there.

On the fukd up pizza thing in taiwan they'd do like fruit salad pizza with kiwi fruit and 'vegetarian' pizza often meant getting a pack of frozen peas, corn, carrots etc and putting it on a pizza. Shit was haggard. Google search bought back some bad memories



Argentina does awesome pizza but they do hard boiled eggs on pizza which is mega fail


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