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Pregnant? No you dick, I just love gross food combinations.

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So today after finishing a sammich I was wondering what type of nasty weird shit people put together that every now and then you get a craving for.

Where as the people around you wanna gag and puke at the combo you're savoring and digesting.



Not ordinary shit like Nutella + Ritz crackers

i think watson made a thread like that a few years back.



ok here goes

I personally get a hankering for all of these things from time to time


280px-Cheez-It-Crackers.jpg + ScreenShot2012-06-19at41821PM.png






ScreenShot2012-06-19at41925PM.png + Olives_Spanish_Stuffed.jpg + SourCream.jpg






















I personally do not think anything I posted is groce, but other people have seen me eat this shit and cringed. Thats the point. What you think is good others think is strange. I am always curious to try new shit so if anyone has some unconventional combo post it, and if its within reason i'm game to give it a try.




These are all I could think of at the moment. I'll post more if they come to me.

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Assuming you're not putting smashed tortilla chips in your OJ/seltzer, I have eaten all of these combinations multiple times, with the exception of red pepper flakes and peanut butter.


I'd try it, though.


I like tuna sandwiches on toasted English Muffins with sweet relish. Gotten some looks for that.

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In Kansas City, we put honey on pizza.



I like avocado with mayo, soy sauce, nori, and sriracha, but that's probably a Hawaiian thing. With rice, of course.



Red pepper flakes and peanut butter sounds like some shit Southeast Asians would eat. Put it on a French roll with some cucumber, and you got a lock.



When I was a kid, my grandma made applesauce out of green apples (I can't eat normal applesauce because it tastes so horribly bland to me after that tart goodness), and we would dip like regular lays potato chips in them.

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yeah, when i could have milk, french fries and milkshakes were pretty awesome.

hardly gross.


i remember my old coworkers (hailing from New Zealand, Greece and Uruguay) all thought i was nuts for liking something as ghastly and peanut butter and jelly. i never could convince them.. and one of their wives (who was also Uruguayan) ate mayonnaise out of the damn jar.


i eat fried tofu. that's enough to make most people barf.


oh yeah.. i like pineapple on pizza. and no ham. also seems to turn people's stomachs.

i can't even find a photo of one with only pineapple. haha stoopit.


one of my favorite desserts is white trash pie


graham cracker crust, layer of vanilla puddin, layer of chocolate puddin, layer of cool whip

except now i can't have dairy. so i make it all with soy milk. ok, are you disgusted yet?

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PB & J is great, no idea why people wouldn't like that.

Milk also rules, sometimes I'll just have a glass of milk with pasta at home or something. Chips, burgers, whatever. Milk all day.


Pineapple on pizza is another thing I can't understand why people don't like it. So good. Pineapple and cheese on Turkish bread grilled is also awesome, or any bread. Just pineapple and cheese.


Red pepper and peanut butter is a bit weird, I'd try it though.

I love Christmas because there's always leftover chicken, and for some reason having a plate of leftover chicken, Doritos and chocolate produces and amazing mix of flavour.

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dunno, i've had rice pudding with raisins. i am not hispanic.


i still eat cheese. i can't stand soy cheese though i'm trying to gear up and quit. it's the last piece of dairy i can't let go and luckily it doesn't cause me much pain


i'll put sriracha on just about anything. and i've had hot pepper jelly, and spicy peanuts, so i'm sure red pepper on peanut butter is good.





my friend gave me some snack his thai wife made. it was like sweet, sesame, sardines. that was odd.


i don't like that japanese wasabe pea candy. now they've got some flavor combos.


dead serious.. what the fuck is muscat?




(peach and muscat)


or ume sour plum mentos. um yum?

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Croc.. check out my cajun creole chunky peanut butter sandwiches son! You would definitely like, just as good as crushed red pepper on peanut butter, actually better. Stop and shop sells all these items.












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