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Childhood songs


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..the kind that make me look back and think.. about what my parents thought when I sang them.

I was sharing the ones I remembered with some friends the other day and figured y'all might have some too.


such as;

(In the Barney tune)

"Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination the only thing that's wrong with him is mental retardation"

there might have been more verses but that's all I remember.




(Ol' smokey tune)

""On top of the school house

all covered with blood

I killed my poor teacher with a 44 scud {i think it was}

I went to her funeral

she wasn't quite dead

I got my machine gun,

and blew off her head.

{or i got my laser and melted her head]

they sent me to prison

they sent me to jail

I grabbed a bazooka

and blew them to hell"


I don't know what tune this is to because I dont know musical stuff but



bloody murder

bloody bloody murder

bloody murder this is how you play:



first you take your sisters hair then you tie it to a chair

throw the chair in the fire

then watch your sister expire




first you take a baseball bat

then you take a kitty cat

break the bat on the cat

now you've got a kitty splat




first you take your loving gran to a river with piran

{hello I forget the rest]





then the alternate 'more clean' versoins


aggravation rehabilitation


this is how you play



first you take a bowling ball

then you roll it down the hall

trip your dad

make him mad




first you take a garbage bag

then you put it on your head

go to bed

wake up dead




first you take a garden hose

then you stick it up your nose

turn it on

then you're gone






Me pica un huevo, me la rasqué

me pica el otro, me la chollé

me a una puta

me la culié

yo fui corriendo y no le pagué!



Una piedra en el camino,

me pegó donde yo orino

y me hizo

llorar y llorar

llorar y llorar...

(no recuerdo si había mas)





That's all I can remember for now; if more occur to me I'll toss 'em up

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My name is El Pancho


I work on El Rancho


I make-a 5 pesos a day


I give them to Vickie


She play with my dicky


And take all my troubles away






Mother fucking titty sucking two balled bitch


your momma's in the kitchen cookin red hot shit


your daddy’s in jail, fucking for bail


your sister’s on the corner with her pussy for sale

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Trapped in purgatory

A lifeless object, alive

Awaiting reprisal

Death will be their acquisition


The sky is turning red

Return to power draws near

Fall into me, the sky's crimson tears

Abolish the rules made of stone


Pierced from below, souls of my treacherous past

Betrayed by many, now ornaments dripping above


Awaiting the hour of reprisal

Your time slips away


Raining blood

From a lacerated sky

Bleeding its horror

Creating my structure

Now I shall reign in blood!





































































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Yankee Doodle went to town a-ridin’ on a gopher

Bumped into a garbage can and this is what fell over:

Great green gobs of greasy, grimy gopher guts,

Mutilated monkey meat, chopped up parakeet.

French-fried eyeballs rolling down the street.

Oops, I forgot my spoon!

So they gave me a split-splat, pus-on-top,

Monkey vomit and camel snot,

All wrapped up in birdie poo,

So eat it, 12 oontz, it’s good for you!

With vitamin C, and protein too

And don’t forget the doggie doo!

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