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Opening An Hookah Cafe..


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An uncle of mine recently offered to fully invest and allow me to run a small hookah joint. For an unemployed 24 year old this shit is a miracle in the lap. I'm sure there are alotta factors involved: Location, advertising, licences? shisha & food suppliers etc... I'm just not really sure where to start.



Have any of you had any experience managing your own restaurant? Or advice on opening up a service industry business? If you partake in smoking, is there something you'd like to see or haven't seen before?



And yes of course my Ch.0 heads will get the hookah-p (aha!) when coming thru, at a goddamn reasonable amount nigga! I'm bout dat cash!




*edit* Anyone willing to spare a canvas or mini-art lying around I'd be down to post it up and give your info/sell on your behalf for helping. pm if interested













For the record 'an hookah' is a joke (humor, LOL)... Chill grammar 5-0...



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I wouldnt put food in there, probably like snacks and shit though/ soda. people dont really wanna eat when theyre gettin fuckin smoke rings blown all in their face. maybe get a license to sell beer, wine/ champagne. to sell liquor costs way more, at least where im at.

but you gotta find a location first before anything really

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its mostly college kids who arent old enough to drink.

in my old neighborhood when i was younger the hookah bar was like the hangout spot wed get drunk in the parking lot and kick it there if there was no parties.

this could be a good opportunity for u to pick up younger chixxx mann

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A hookah bar is just a reason for cops to fuck with you when they are bored.


There is not one single thing a hookah bar offers a decent neighborhood. not one.


Everything about it is asking to be shut down and to have issues with the local zoning and permit board.




Other then that, good luck.

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once you find your own spot where business will happen not only will you be so stoked you'll shit your pants. but you will have visions for the whole spot bro... VISIONS.

thats when you'll kick your own little happy ass self into 2nd gear.

good luck

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Why hookah?


It is all about location. Investing in good real estate will pay back many many times, especially for something like this. People are unlikely, i think, to travel out of their way to get to a hookah cafe. I would agree that college and high school kids would be the main takers, so consider locating on a strip where kids that age already hang out. Perhaps near a college.


If you get a good location you dont have to spend as much on advertising. Advertising in general is expensive and is unlikely to deliver a big return on investment, if any return at all.


Pricing: Consider what to charge for and what to not charge for. Will you charge for extra coals? Most places I know of have a $10-$15 minimum fee per person at a table, so you can either buy a hookah for wach person or get food/drinks or just get charged anyways. Those charges per person were always real annoying but you'll likely lose money if you don't do it.


I dont think it's wise to serve real food there. Being as it will be a place full of smoke, people probably wont want to get a full meal. My local spot does a big bowl of pita bread and hummus and other typical appetizers. The pita bread is warm and delicious. Definitely look at getting a license to serve beer and/or liquor.


Whos your local competition?

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