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My girl's 21st birthday - vacation ideas

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vegas is stupid, especially if you have a girl.


and everything else on your list sounds dumb too. pick something that isn't a tourist trap.


ive actually never been to vegas. but you're right, first time shouldnt be with my girl.


what doesn't sound dumb to you? that was the point of this exercise.



name one place on this fucking planet not overwhelmed by fucking people, everythings a tourist trap br0.



maybe we'll just buy a boat on craigslist.

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i just wanted to be a naysayer


here's my thoughts on travel:


i rarely get more than 4 or 5 days off in a row, so i don't want to spend 2 days of that time on an airplane.

my passions are good food and travel.


stay at a cheap hotel and eat a few couple hundred dollar meals in BC or the san juan islands, WA.


there are tree house hotels and great escape hotels all over, but thats my taste.

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i could really go for the cheap motel expensive food thing. and of course she's ordering my drinks.


that's would be the plan for new orleans. just eat and drink ourselves to death. still very likely. she wants to go. i can't see the allure of new orleans. its just a run down swamp town with old buildings and a centuries old reason to get naked and piss in the street. we could do that anywhere.

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New Orleans is a good time. Amazing restaurants and if you pre-game before you go to bars you won't spend that much. Went about the same time last year and the weather was pretty unbearable there though. You feel gross as fuck by about noon.


Went here every day. The drinks are named after Slim Thug and Eminem and about two of the big ones will get a nurga fucked up.


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Id just save the money and take my brother or a good buddy on a trip.


But nevermind, you should go ahead and take her somewhere expensive so she can fuck guys her age on your dime and itll make things that much more hilarious.


South America or Vegas ftw though.

Even if she dosent like to/want to gamble there is still a million things to do.

Or if you go to SA in most countries your dollar will stretch alot further, I just think logistics would be easier to stay in the States.


And dont go to fucking Africa, any part for any reason.


I dont have any advice on the where abouts of some premo spots to avoid a mid life crisis.

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