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Thanks for thinking im borderline funny sometimes, i am honored and humbled. I wanna thank everyone: my family, ray the elementary school bus driver who got fired for grabbing some kid below the belt, the NIZE GUYS, my assistant principal in 6th grade who made me weed the school grounds without gloves for 2 weeks straight as punishment, sunchips, those old AND1 shirts with the faceless dude talking shit, Lil' B "The Based God," Fall River massachusetts, RALPH LAUREN, tinychat, my jewish friends and coworkers, the 5'1 girl whose titties i grabbed blackout drunk a few years ago, the "add poll to thread?" option when creating threads, and the fine people at Trap-A-Holics.


Without you this could not have been possible.




:cool: :cool:




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Welcome to the 100 CARROT club


Sunchips rule


Jews and Fall River do not


Just kidding I like Jews. On the real though I'm on that shit where if I didn't have a thread to dump this in I would make a ridiculous drunk thread just for me


Shouts to the pretty homegirl who went out of her way to chill this evening, typing slowly, injury for creating a place to post this, the snacks I'm going to eat tomorrow, and my alarmingly high amount of propz that mean nothing

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At first I was like "what"


Then I was like "100,000?"


After that I was like "post count?"


Then I look and saw that was wrong, so then I decided to like read the thread


Again I was like "what?"


Finally I was like "ok"




Please like



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Goddamn but you also got the 12,000+ posts bruh ... Post game stressful


12,000 posts on an internet forum....look at me now momma, i made it, i made it......

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Manute, what happened to some of the older NG tracks?


Tough to horrify people at house parties without some of the classic cuts

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hell yeah!


your negs will be so strong now. its awesome. go try it on some noobs.

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You should kill yourself. Not that I have anything against you. I just think it would be great if there was some weird thing where 12ozers that reached 100,000 immediately fell over dead. Scientists and would start looking into ways of preventing deaths and start marketing pills to 12ozers but they had all these disgusting side effects, so any 12ozer that lived beyond 100,000 would be severely crippled and wishing they were dead.

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