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Milk Grenades

Back up Bukue One...Help a Brother Out!

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He only needs $3,000 more...



Donate from $1 to $1000




"The funds raised will be used to for the photography,artwork, master and press the cd and the ultimate double - colored vinyl release. Ive had several album releases stemming back from 2000 but never have had a full double vinyl release. Being that this is my first self produced album, i really wanna do it how it should be done! I want the artwork to be on point, the sound quality to be as it should be and spinning on some colored vinyl. Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Clear, hmmm or Picture vinyl? Its wide open. My fans and family have been the best, its all about our relationship, the industry doesn't really exist in my personal music career. It allows for more freedom of creativity and deeper more personal connection between you and i. below is the link to my music site of previous releases and the wonders of colored vinyl :)"


Click here for the link to donate:


Click here to hear a couple samples from the album:


and listen here:





Thanks, bros!:kissa:


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This forum is brought to you by the 12oz Shop.

I understand that this is completely counterintuitive and unhelpful, but I keep reading this thread title as "Back up Bukkake One"

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i need a new macbook pro to become a worldclass dj and the best part is its only like $2000, donate to me?

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If I was in the us(assuming) and if he did some shows I'd go pay money for a ticket...

i though that live gigs is how you make money?

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You should send any money you get to asop rock since you clearly stole his hole shit

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