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I effing wish.  I had to buy my own shit! Ha  but  I’m still a black market baby     

This is a new plant I’m keeping an eye on because it’s just a great looking plant    (besides them Hazes I have in right now)  plants come to me from the Tissue Culture Lab lookin a bit

Posted Images

I have no idea what the PO tried to clean that one really dark piece with. Whatever it is it seems to be fused into the glass or encrusted onto the surface with a very tough coat. Soaking in denatured alcohol and sea salt didn't budge it at all. 


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12 hours ago, One Man Banned said:

Never liked the before bed smoke, seems like a waste of a high

I smoke for more medicinal reasons. Like the high before dozing off too, but yeah mostly just do it to chill the tummy and get sleepy

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13 hours ago, One Man Banned said:

Never liked the before bed smoke, seems like a waste of a high

I smoke before to help me fall asleep and stay asleep and it works most time. 
started smokin to make getting off opiods less miserable. Kept smokin to sleep, feel mentally elated, to focus, to zone out and stare and think about nothing,  be tolerable to be around (I get uptight), to calm the nausea and calm my stomach when my ulcer is firin up. 

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Dear @mr.yuck

look what showed up for me today -


See what you put out in the Universe 





they come in with 5 of these like “you got room for five more?” 

im like suuuurerreeee lemme put it over here with the 20  or so cultivars I have in here right now   

im excited for new plants tho. We’ve been growing the same strains for a year now. Recently they’ve have been introducing plants outta tissue culture into the nursery. Then it’s a gathering of execs to see which strains we will run in the near future.   

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Ooooo weeeee. You're gonna have to let me know if they decide to take that bad boy all the way to fruition. That's exciting. I should put more things into the universe.

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So I’m working on my fact sheets for our library, which will include me figuring out the breeder. 

as I’m working these I realize we have so many fucking strains right now. The company Im at DEF has the diverse genetics on lock. No one can fuck with us. Haha. I really don’t know I’m just talking shit.  

how we’re going to decide if it’s gonna be a keeper keeper gene to run-we run a small batch inside one of our flower rooms (say we house a room with 1400 plants of one strain- we will house that room with 1384 of one strain then 16  of the new introduced strain so it can be tested. 

it’ll be a while but I’ll keep you in the loop. I’m excited to start working on some different cultivars. I’m gonna bore you all with the list of current cultivars in my rooms at the moment. 

Alien Rock Candy 


Amnesia Haze 

Atomic Collider 9 


Blueberry Muffin 

Cookies n Cream 13 

Dr Levique 

East Coast Sour Diesel 

Flavor Crystals 

Jet Fuel Gelato 

Kashmir Kush 

Kush Mints 

Magic Johnson 


Orange Cookies (caps cut) also (sunny d cut) 

Pine Soul 

Super Lemon Haze 

Super Silver Haze 

Peanut Butter Breath 

Indiana Bubble gum 

Gelato 33

Lemon Tree 


what we have been growing this last year 

Apple Juice x Sundae Driver

Biscotti x Menthol 

Chem D x Birthday Cake 

Jet Fuel Gelato x Menthol 

Rootbeer Float x Sundae Driver 

Sunset Sherbet x Sundae Driver 

Wedding  Cake x Birthday cake 

Orange Açaí x Menthol 

Gelato 33 x Birthday Cake 

Gmo x grape pie 

Garlic Grove x Menthol 

TK 91 x Birthday Cake 


talk about getting to know this fucking plant. 


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Everyone I show that plant to is like “whoa” 

and I have no idea why. 
Is it a hard to get strain or what? 

THEEEE best Ive ever smoked is Wdding Cake grown by one of our growers. Hoe Lee Shit it was so damn good. 

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I know pbb was sold out everywhere and smaller seed banks were reselling 10 packs for $500+. Fucking sick. Ive heard nothing but good things about thug pug genetics.

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Really I think actual flower makes me super stony and stupid compared to dabs. And it doesn't matter the strain whether it's sativa or indica either. 

I prefer dabs for the lower burnt carbon content. A friend who studied biochem told me that carbon particles have beta radiation and that is what you're gambling with when you smoke. Everytime beta radiation comes into contact with your cells it has a chance of causing a mutation they will end up being cancer. 

this shit bugs me out so I recently started tapering down to dabs only. 

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@mr.yuck yes. That breeder. 
and this plant has such personality out of the gate. Look at this great leaf shape.  (There are two bubblegums in this pic)  becoming a fav real quick. 
and I love to put contrasting leaves plants next to eachother. 
like next to this sexy super silver haze. BEC98E4D-4F6C-427A-B42F-028EA0B9CD56.thumb.jpeg.5905c8097382fffcd78490a61281af1a.jpeg


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