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Here's another one that got stunted out. The water rose too high in the bucket. All the hydroton floated up and the rooter became dislodged and tipped over. All of its roots were exposed to these blazing LEDs. The plants growth halted while the roots hardened off basically turning into more stalk and shooting new roots into the safety of the hydroton. Growth eventually resumed on the top end of the plant but she is far behind the others. IMG_20230102_215254253.thumb.jpg.3fd892f4faed6c4d9ed9823161bc0952.jpg


Here is another angle where you can see the plant tipped over and eventually made a U-turn to head back to the light.



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Sheeeeeeeeeeeit you ain't supposed to feed em napalm! But I bet the terps are on point with that 'torched combatant' tang 😉


I've been busy lately. I might open up a lab next week. Waiting for lawyer bullshit to finish. Vurry excited.














Also here's a helicopter I made out of some dumb motherfucker's face



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Thank you dude! Right now we've got the current owner of the lab wanting to work with us and give us a few months on a lease before we jump into a huge one so that is a lot more reassuring - pretty much if the deal works out we'll be doing something absolutely fucking nuts that the entire industry has been doing a piss poor effort at emulating yet it's been popular as fuck and went out like wildfire. I am usually nervous as fuck at this point in a deal but this one feels so damn solid

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guy in my city has a patent for whatever this is.

we are at the point theres 3 shops that sell cbd ,delta 8 , and all the legally grey as fuck thc-esque stuff ..sourced local even.


kinda doubt wi will be a legal state anytime soon though 

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Temperature and humidity seems to be working in my favor this week. Just gonna throw the window open to the dry room and let nature do its thing. 


Usually shooting for 60° and 60% relative humidity for a nice slow 10 day dry.

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Been on a fucking tear lately - super proud of my work. Had to do something to get my mind off of the formation of this business so why not learn new shit and sharpen old skills?




The start of some rosin diamonds sitting on a thermal cycling block. Usually you get these flat formations (but usually get slushed up) and they call it jam but I've actually pulled faceted diamonds out. It was only a few but I have much more esteem in these because science.






That's where it sits today - It took a little bit of figuring to get it right, I've been chasing these for 2 fucking years and now I've actually got them down to where I don't think it's a waste of time and not commercially viable. Solid formation too so I'm really happy with how it's working out, eventually once I have these locked-locked I've got a few techniques to control the polymorphism of the crystal and make them cooler looking/potentially clearer.








I also made little dinosaur friends out of pure THCA (what you dab)





Here's one in a rosin tarpit.


Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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