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Copped a dime of these faux Yankee Hill candle stickers tonight.


plan on putting these on candles in married friends pads. They may never be noticed. Payoff is them being in background of pics of their kids. 


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On 12/11/2019 at 8:54 AM, Lorne_Malvo said:

Trying to be a bit kinder to my lungs lately.

This is exactly why I quite smoking weed completely about 4 months ago.... and vaping nicotine.


I just don't want lung cancer..... and getting high isn't "fun enough" to do any other way.  Like, I don't want to eat a brownie and wait around to feel retarded.  Smoking the bong was a ritual for me, as was rolling/smoking blunts..... but since I don't want to fuck up my lungs anymore than I already have, I just quit.


I am clearer headed because of it.  I don't intend to be a buzzkill, vaporizing is better than smoking for sure.  Bravo to you for making the move to be healthier, it becomes more important as you get older I think.

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Yeah I hear you man.


My usage has dropped hugely over the years, from an everyday thing to now where really it's only on weekends. Trying to quite cigarettes too which I have mostly done, only really falling back to old habits when I'm out drinking with friends and even in that case it's usually that I get drunk and have one cigarette.


An unexpected bonus of vaporising is being able to use the weed you've vaped to cook with or eat or whatever although I'm yet to try that. I definitely agree about the "fun enough" factor so whether I'll ever get around to it is debatable.


Whilst I'm enjoying the vaporiser and it's healthier, I definitely miss rolling/smoking blunts. As you say, the older you get the more health takes a front seat though so yeah. No more blunts 😞

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When we go to Colorado for Pike's Peak we usually buy way more than we can even smoke in the 2 days we're there.  I've given like 6 grams worth of joints away more than once going there and overbuying.  I've told myself that I'll enjoy some party favors when we go there in June, but as far as smoking/getting lifted at home.... nah not for me anymore.  Probably won't have the overbuying problem again since I don't smoke anymore.  I think a few grams would probably do the trick.... or some gummy bears.


Last time we had gummy bears they melted into one puck shaped thing at the bottom of the pill container they're sold in.  So, me thinking I'm smart, cuts this puck into 3 pieces thinking it's just a little more than the recommended dose each.  Boy was I wrong.  All three of us were laughing to the point of tears and we didn't even know what we were laughing for during several separate moments throughout the ordeal.  I don't think I've ever gotten that high from smoking.


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One of my friends was gifted a fat rice crispy treat before a RED EYE cross country flight. She didn’t wanna take it through security so he ate it when he got in line for TSA. Well the line was crazy long and it took forever so about thirty mins later he was peaking and just barely getting to the part where you put your belongings on the conveyor belt. He told me the TSA was telling him to remove his laptop from his bag and place it in a separate tray but the words weren’t registering. He could understand the sentences being spoken by the TSA but his brain wasn’t connecting them with the actions he hand and body needed to perform. Eventually figured it out.  TSA must’ve thought he was either a complete moron or someone who has been traveling over night. He told me he got on the plan and all the noises of conversation around him became amplified to the point where it was overwhelming. Input overload. Starters getting the sweats and freaking out. Had to shut his eyes and put himself to sleep, thankfully that worked. A few hrs go by and he arrived at his layover. Had a multi hour layover in Charlotte and slept on the floor at his gate for like three hours. After flying about another three from the west coast. Woke up before the boarding and was still blitzed. But at an enjoyable level... almost too much but not quite there. Eventually landed at his destination and went to pick up the rental car. Got the info on the car, found it in the parking garage and slept in the back seat another couple hours because he was still too fucked up to drive. Eventually got it together and drived the hour plus to his destination. At this point it was like 9am and he ate the cookie about 9pm. Got to his hotel and was still baked until about noon. That’s what my friend told me. 

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I’ve been eating about 25mg every other night. That takes all my stress away and gets me creative. On the other days I smoke tiny pinners like .10g one pull joints. Don’t smoke bogies no more but I do enjoy a 2g backwoods or Dutch (I’m in my 40’s, don’t judge) once in a blue moon. 

when I can get them for a good price, I fuck with live resin carts. 

As for the flower vaporizers I don’t really like the taste and doesn’t get me as high as I want.  I bought one when I went on my euro trip a few years ago and haven’t used it since. 

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