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It is acceptiable for...  

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  1. 1. It is acceptiable for...

    • black people to say nigga
    • white people to say nigga
    • neither to say it
    • wiggity wiggity

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I'm curious on opinions here as I got into a discussion about it like if you should say nigger or nigga. I was arguing that as long it's not got heat behind it it's ok like calling someone dude I guess...


Dropping my hilarious Internet persona for a second, the two words are completely different.


"Nigger" coming from anyone is generally considered offensive.


"Nigga" --from the right person-- isn't considered offensive. But there's where it gets dicey. Some white dudes can use it and no one will bat an eye. Others are gonna get mercilessly ridiculed and maybe slapped if they're unlucky. It has a lot to do with upbringing and who you run with, etc.


I'm not even hard, I'm semi flaccid, but thanks to my group of friends I have never been called out for using it by anyone, including black strangers who like to play with guns. Being the only white in the room will get you some strange looks, but people will generally also realize you're not a cornball. Plus you're automatically the smartest and richest person in the room so it's awesome.


However, I use it when I'm smoking tumbleweedz and rapping hip hop lyrics with the beat, quoting someone, shit like that. I don't use it conversationally.


Basically, if you need to ask you...then no, you shouldn't use either one. Nigger.

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Don't they both sound the same? Ending in 'Er' or 'A', I mean.


I don't know any white British people that would use it and I'm always shocked when any white person does. I don't even see why one would need to.

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Black people have the right to be offended by the word.


And white people crusading against this word are fucking retarded.


Word, segregate both those offended by it and those who don't like it being used.


I have three posts in this thread, I am clearly knowledgeable on the subject.

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I don't even see why one would need to.


for lulz and rahowa.


i say both.

the only darkie i see on the regular is my sister in law (adopted) who gets super butt hurt when i say anything sexist or racist or funny. i edit myself for her because i don't like dealing with her 'lessons on why the white male...'


the NW can be pretty white.

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