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The Back Handed Compliment **NEG THE PERSON ABVE YOU**

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A backhanded compliment, also known as a left handed compliment or asteism, is an insult that is disguised as a compliment. Sometimes, a backhanded compliment may be inadvertent. However, the term usually connotes an intent to belittle or condescend.


A backhanded compliment may fool the listener, but the compliment remains "backhanded" because the speaker is being intentionally slighting and insulting. In some cultures, backhanded compliments are considered a genteel or polite way of expressing disdain.





some of my personal favorites I've heard:


"i think you have really pretty eyes, especially the left one"


"id offer you breakfast...but you didn't make any"


"i always feel more intelligent after reading your thoughts and ideas"


"your funny...but looks aren't everything"


"i like your nails...they have that rugged/natural look"


"i think you look great with this extra weight."







make no mistake...

there is an art to pulling of a good back handed compliment & there are some witty motherfuckers on this thread--

lets see what you can come up with

















































lets try and keep this rolling

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Sean Connery: That's a nice jacket you're wearing, Trebek.


Alex Trebek: Why, thank you.


Sean Connery: Is that wool? Must have been expensive.


Alex Trebek: No, actually, it was quite reasonable.


Sean Connery: Really? Where did you get it?


Alex Trebek: At a place called Stern's, down on 14th.


Sean Connery: Stern's? I'll have to check it out.


Alex Trebek: Well, you should. Ask for Gary. Tell him that I sent you.


Sean Connery: I'll do that. That sure is a nice jacket. Just one more question...


Alex Trebek: What is it, Sean?


Sean Connery: Do they make them for men?

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