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Symbols, a lot of downtown was redesigned by Cordish, I dont really enjoy it more than walking through but its becoming successful.



makes sense.

there are large buildings but it's so spread out, in a midwest kinda way, and yeah, much of it has the feel of an outdoor mall. all in all though, it's no little rock. hahaha. i liked it more than st.louis too

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Drove there from cali. last year, turned around after 4 days and took my ass to Havasu to erase the experience from my brain. Locals really didn't enjoy a guy wearing punk t-shirts covered in tattoos. Lots of icp fans as well. BUT, the air is super clean, and if your into nature (fishing, hiking, hunting, boating) then you can have a ton of fun. And houses are crazy cheap.

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Damn, graffiti has gotten gay over the years.


painting legal walls:


like walking into walmart, grabbing shit from the shelves and stuffing it in your pockets, inside your coat, and down your pants. Then walking to the checkout counter, pulling it all out and paying for it.





nah jk, the legal wall in deep ellum got shut down, used to be cool till them damn richers showed up and built lofts.




but if there's no risk of jail time, you're not doing it right.

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on the reals though (lol i said on the reals) i only been in this city a couple months so i can't really say too much. as far as graff goes, there are alot of legal walls near downtown, scribe and quisp and femme do alot of quality ones, scribe especially. as far as illegal shit i don't see much, that might be just that im not looking hard enough haha. my general feeling of the city is that most of the graff is freight centered as opposed to street side.


all in all im not mad i moved here, but it was kind of a let down having been to philly and baltimore or DC and seeing the abundance of graff and then coming here and not seeing much. i kind of had it in my head that it would be crushed, and it wasn't. i heard it was poppin in the nineties though.

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I live in Kansas City, Missouri.


Most of the legal walls... and graffiti in general... are still leftover from when ATT, DF, Mayhem, and LAC were big around here in the late 90s-early 00s.


For non-legal walls, there's plenty of canvas here, but not as much as there used to be when downtown was a ghost town. Still, there are spots everywhere.


If you do freights, Kansas City has the second most rail traffic in the nation, second to Chicago... because Chicago was trying to keep St. Louis out of rail commerce when they were competing in the olden days and river transport was a bigger factor for STL.


I don't do graffiti, I'm just uhhhh a spectator. You can buy Montana at a few places.




I had a girl from Hawai'i staying with me for the past week and she "loved every second of it" here. Holler at me if you want some non-graffndance related tips on shit to do around here. I hope you have a passion for food, because it will be an integral part of your social life.



p.s. 6-0-0.



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Son...Krylon? What is this, Beat Street? I don't think anyone's touched Krylon in over 20 years.


Rusto's got the gusto my nignog.


Now you know. Go spray bomb those phat wallz you mad tagger.


this :lol: :lol: :lol:


im guilty though. i will still use female valve krylon if i can get it. smells nice.

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