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Pinballz. *Ding *Ding *Ding *Clunk *Clunk

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Stern AC/DC Williams F-14 Tomcat Williams HOT TIP(1977)

Yasssssss!!! Let’s post  your too 3 machines! Just went to my league last night. 

This bar has a sweet rotation. The owner is a pinball fanatic and rotates machines from the garage at his house to the bar every few wks. @SukiSukiNow

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On Medieval Madness, ever notice the helmet the hawk on the backglass is wearing? BADASS.




this one is a hit or miss for me. it was one of the most popular ones tho at the pacific pinball expo. people were standing around it waiting for their turn.

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pinball dave, are you doing the refurb on that machine yourself or did you just post those from the webz...


The project is on some "play this, paint that" type shit. Basically doing art conversions on classic pinball machines.




I'm the tech behind the scenes, always looking for more artists to collaborate with. So far we've finished 2 games, currently have 3 in various states of progress.


http://www.TiltWarning.com for more info.

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^^so ill. im not a huge fan of playing most old machines but man those were by far the best days for pinball art. so many amazing works...


ww2 NAZI pinball?


no, 1978 Ballys Kiss machine.




a little something on a Stern Spiderman...




getting the grand champion with over 200mill on a Stern POC machine...



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Not sure if I shared this story, but way way back my boy and I used to hit up this 7-11 that had the Dracula joint. One night I was killing that mother fucker.. Almost spelled out Dracula but before I could we had the Northridge earthquake. The game fucking caused an earthquake. A few days later I went to this arcade near my school to play Dracula and the fucking game is gone. Just that game in the whole fucking place. Not even replaced. Let's jump ahead a few months. Driving home with my friend, we are stopped at a light. Over the din of rush hour traffic we hear: NEVER ENDING LOVE!! We see the game, park and play.. Not twenty minutes into the game.. Earthquake. A small one, but an earthquake all the same. Fuck that game.


The end.

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